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Short Answer Questions

1. What character traits does Gann seem to attribute to his fellow pilots?

2. Which of the following tricks does Ross teach Gann for flying in severe weather?

3. Which best describes Hughen?

4. How does Gann describe the weather at Goose Bay?

5. Generally, how do landings on Gann's Newark route seem to be executed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of Keim's characteristics and qualities?

2. What type of special school is Gann invited to and what happens when he attends?

3. Who is Ernest Gann?

4. Upon landing with his cargo at Goose Bay, what do Gann and his crew discover?

5. How does Gann's demonstration flight go when he first flies for McCabe?

6. What was Gann's responsibility as a co-pilot when they landed at Wilkes-Barre?

7. Why does Gann appreciate his shorter AM-21 route?

8. Trying to redeem himself for his landing in Syracuse, how does Gann handle his job raising the landing gear from Ross during the next takeoff?

9. How does Gann feel about flying the Douglas DC-2 and DC-3?

10. What are some responsibilities that Gann will be doing while flying at Newark?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This novel is an autobiography. Explain what an autobiography is. What is the difference between an autobiography and a memoir? Do you think that this novel would have been better if written in a different format (i.e., fiction, memoir, prose)?

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the characters that Gann interacts with in the story and compare and contrast Gann and that character. What are their similarities (if any)? What are their differences? How do they differ as pilots and as people?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, Gann provides substantial detail of the various planes that he flies or that are being developed. Please choose two planes, and 1) provide a physical description of the plane, 2) explain its use, 3) explain Gann's opinion on the plane, and 4) provide an example from the book of a situation where Gann was flying the plane and what happened. How did knowing so many additional technical explanations and details of the plane enhance the experience for the reader?

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