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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not an attribute that is causing difficulties in rescuing O'Connor?
(a) Worsening weather.
(b) His distant location.
(c) Dangerous flying conditions.
(d) The short daylight hours.

2. Moments after taking off from Steensville, what technical issue do Gann and his crew have to deal with?
(a) They are unable to switch off the high-pressure hydraulic system.
(b) Something gets caught in one of the main engines.
(c) They cannot get the plane to stabilize.
(d) A fuel line bursts.

3. In Chapter 10, to what city in Iceland are Gann and his crew expected to fly their next cargo load?
(a) Wunderland.
(b) Reykjavik.
(c) Vickerstad.
(d) Karkerjak.

4. How is Dudley described in the novel?
(a) Meek.
(b) Friendly and well-meaning.
(c) Loud-talking.
(d) Very skilled.

5. What does Gann finally find out was the cause of the vibrations on his flight in chapter 18?
(a) A critical bolt was missing from the plane.
(b) A pigeon was in the cargo bay.
(c) It was coming from a loose seat.
(d) The tail was new and needed to be broken in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the deaths of the co-pilots and pilots who died during the DC-4 engine investigations attributed to?

2. The C-87 is a new plane used mainly for what purpose?

3. Which one of the following stops was not on Gann's route to Chabua, Assam?

4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the new C-87 as compared to the C-47?

5. Which two names below does Gann never mention as being part of his crew while he pilots the C-54?

Short Essay Questions

1. After WWII, what war does Gann fly in, and how does he feel about his role as a pilot in this situation again?

2. What does Gann learn kept his flight safe on the way from Honolulu to Burbank despite the fact that they were missing a critical piece of equipment?

3. What does the stewardess complain of on Gann's flight to Burbank?

4. How did his crash affect O'Connor in the long run?

5. How does Gann feel about flying for the military when he first starts flying for them?

6. How do the rescue planes keep track of where O'Connor's downed plane is located?

7. Which route does Gann return to after his leave of absence, and what does he do there?

8. How does Gann describe his flights from California to Honolulu with the new airline he flies for?

9. Who is Sloniger, and what is so special about him?

10. Why does O'Connor's flight from Goose Bay crash-land?

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