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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On one trip, Gann flies with Howe, his co-pilot. How does he view Howe?
(a) He wants to end up just like Howe.
(b) He admires him, but does not want to be like him.
(c) He thinks he is inexperienced.
(d) He thinks he is a nice young man with a bright future.

2. Towards the end of the novel, Gann notes that he is transferred back to Natal and has managed to log how much flying time?
(a) 2,598 hours, 38 minutes.
(b) 5,622 hours, 39 minutes.
(c) 4,627 hours, 29 minutes.
(d) 5,972 hours, 40 minutes.

3. How is Dudley described in the novel?
(a) Meek.
(b) Loud-talking.
(c) Friendly and well-meaning.
(d) Very skilled.

4. An inspector administers a flight test for Dudley. What does the inspector do after the test?
(a) Demands Dudley surrender his license.
(b) Writes a letter of commendation for Dudley.
(c) Commends Dudley for his flying skills.
(d) Passes out from the altitude changes.

5. When Gann locates O'Connor's flight in Chapter 12, what is done?
(a) Supplies are dropped to him.
(b) The British Royal Air Force takes over.
(c) He is airlifted out.
(d) The Coast Guard is called in.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which one of the following stops was not on Gann's route to Chabua, Assam?

2. In Chapter 11, Gann notes that he, as most pilots, flies between Goose Bay and which other stop?

3. What new navigation trick is used to help keep planes on route to O'Connor's position?

4. The C-87 is a new plane used mainly for what purpose?

5. What does Gann note "saved the day" when his Douglas C-54 has technical issues, causing a potentially life threatening situation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Descibe Gann's sketchy takeoff scenario as he begins his flight on a C-54 for a long-haul mission.

2. How does Gann describe his flights from California to Honolulu with the new airline he flies for?

3. What do the mechanics discover during their engine inspections that seem to be causing all the trouble on the DC-4?

4. Who is Dudley, and what is Gann's impression of him?

5. How does O'Connor's crash-landing symbolize Gann's being stalked by fate?

6. After WWII, what war does Gann fly in, and how does he feel about his role as a pilot in this situation again?

7. What does Gann learn kept his flight safe on the way from Honolulu to Burbank despite the fact that they were missing a critical piece of equipment?

8. What does the stewardess complain of on Gann's flight to Burbank?

9. What stories does Gann tell Keim about his recent long-distance flight transporting Chinese cash?

10. The British Air Force tells Gann his flight was in danger as they approached Iceland. Why were they in danger?

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