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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 6, how long does Gann see himself holding his pilot position?
(a) He thinks it will not last long.
(b) He thinks it will be short because he will be promoted again.
(c) He does not even think about it.
(d) He thinks he will be a pilot forever.

2. Which two pilots does Gann mention in chapter 7 have recently died in a crash?
(a) Harold and Boone.
(b) Charles and Dixon.
(c) Cooper and Owens.
(d) Cooper and Jackson.

3. What is one thing that the seniority number determines?
(a) They are only referred to by their number.
(b) Their number assigns them to certain routes.
(c) They gain tenure by their seniority number.
(d) Their numbers determine what times they fly.

4. What types of trips will Gann be flying while at Newark?
(a) Trips carrying foreign dignitaries.
(b) Trips bombing enemy territory.
(c) Trips carrying passengers and mail.
(d) Trips carrying weapons and arms.

5. Generally, how do landings on Gann's Newark route seem to be executed?
(a) They are quick and dangerous.
(b) The are long and dull.
(c) They are short and sweet.
(d) They are prolonged and exciting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What factor determines whether all the stops on the route are reached?

2. Again, Gann manages to mess up, but Ross is there to save the day. What does Gann realize after his first flight day with Ross?

3. Which one of the following symptoms of hypoxia does Gann remember on his flight over the Andes?

4. How many men did Gann attend flight school with?

5. How does Gann describe Ross' demeanor?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did his crash affect O'Connor in the long run?

2. What type of special school is Gann invited to and what happens when he attends?

3. What does Gann learn about Ross' childhood?

4. Who is Sloniger, and what is so special about him?

5. How is Ross viewed as a pilot by others on the route?

6. What stories does Gann tell Keim about his recent long-distance flight transporting Chinese cash?

7. Who is Dudley, and what is Gann's impression of him?

8. Briefly describe Lester and his teaching style.

9. How does O'Connor's crash-landing symbolize Gann's being stalked by fate?

10. How does Gann seem to feel about this seniority number?

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