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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Dudley described in the novel?
(a) Friendly and well-meaning.
(b) Loud-talking.
(c) Meek.
(d) Very skilled.

2. How is O'Connor's lost flight located?
(a) By radio beacon.
(b) By advanced radar.
(c) Through Morse code.
(d) By flares.

3. On one trip, Gann flies with Howe, his co-pilot. How does he view Howe?
(a) He thinks he is a nice young man with a bright future.
(b) He thinks he is inexperienced.
(c) He admires him, but does not want to be like him.
(d) He wants to end up just like Howe.

4. After being transferred back to Natal, Gann spends the next few months on what type of routes?
(a) Commercial trips.
(b) Short drop-offs.
(c) Long-haul missions.
(d) Stealth military routes.

5. Towards the end of the novel, Gann notes that he is transferred back to Natal and has managed to log how much flying time?
(a) 5,972 hours, 40 minutes.
(b) 5,622 hours, 39 minutes.
(c) 2,598 hours, 38 minutes.
(d) 4,627 hours, 29 minutes.

6. What is the name of the pilot that Gann meets toward the end of the novel who holds seniority number 1?
(a) Sloniger.
(b) Skipper.
(c) Porter.
(d) Armstrong.

7. What elevation must Gann reach to fly over the Hump?
(a) 16,000'.
(b) 20,000'.
(c) 14,000'.
(d) 32,000'.

8. Which of the following is not an attribute that is causing difficulties in rescuing O'Connor?
(a) Worsening weather.
(b) The short daylight hours.
(c) Dangerous flying conditions.
(d) His distant location.

9. Which notable military leader does Gann have the honor of flying?
(a) Lieutenant Mark McAllister.
(b) General Mark Clark.
(c) General Dwight Eisenhower.
(d) Captain John Dubois.

10. How many days of searching have passed before O'Connor is located?
(a) Four days.
(b) One day.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Two days.

11. Gann learns that in one day, how many planes are lost trying to fly over the Hump?
(a) 9.
(b) 1.
(c) 7.
(d) 4.

12. What crew position does Grimes hold on Gann's flight from San Francisco to Honolulu?
(a) Stewardess.
(b) Radio operator.
(c) Co-pilot.
(d) Flight engineer.

13. When Gann and his crew land in Greenland, what do they expect?
(a) A thank-you dinner at the base.
(b) Some food, rest, and a trip back to Goose Bay.
(c) Their two-week break to start.
(d) A meeting with the captain.

14. Which one of the following stops was not on Gann's route to Chabua, Assam?
(a) Kano, Nigeria.
(b) Gaya, India.
(c) Ascension Island.
(d) Madagascar.

15. What weather patterns and geography does Gann note in chapter 14 that he and other pilots have come to know?
(a) Regional.
(b) South American.
(c) European.
(d) Global.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 16, which pilot from his past does Gann join in flying at a newly formed airline with flights from California to Honolulu?

2. At the end of the novel, Gann is flying for the new airline, another war begins, and he is stationed at which base?

3. In Chapter 11, Gann notes that he, as most pilots, flies between Goose Bay and which other stop?

4. The technical issues on the C-54 cause a fire in what part of Gann's plane?

5. In Chapter 17, what new engines has Gann's DC-4A been outfitted with for his flight from San Francisco to Honolulu?

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