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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one of the following stops was not on Gann's route to Chabua, Assam?
(a) Madagascar.
(b) Gaya, India.
(c) Kano, Nigeria.
(d) Ascension Island.

2. How does Gann feel about trying to find a strange airport in Iceland?
(a) Prepared.
(b) Tense.
(c) Angry.
(d) Upbeat.

3. What dangerous mishap happens seconds after Gann takes off in a Douglas C-54 in Chapter 14?
(a) The cabin depressurizes.
(b) One of the wings loses a flap.
(c) The landing gear will not retract.
(d) Three engines begin to misfire.

4. At the end of the novel, Gann is flying for the new airline, another war begins, and he is stationed at which base?
(a) Hawaii.
(b) Hiroshima.
(c) Indonesia.
(d) Wake Island.

5. How is O'Connor's lost flight located?
(a) By flares.
(b) By radio beacon.
(c) Through Morse code.
(d) By advanced radar.

6. What crew position does Grimes hold on Gann's flight from San Francisco to Honolulu?
(a) Flight engineer.
(b) Co-pilot.
(c) Radio operator.
(d) Stewardess.

7. What does Gann finally find out was the cause of the vibrations on his flight in chapter 18?
(a) A pigeon was in the cargo bay.
(b) A critical bolt was missing from the plane.
(c) The tail was new and needed to be broken in.
(d) It was coming from a loose seat.

8. What happens to the new engines on Gann's DC-4A as they are flying from San Francisco?
(a) They run too slow to keep the plane at a cruising altitude.
(b) Two of them burn through their fuel too quickly.
(c) They all sputter and eventually fail.
(d) The back engines catch fire.

9. Which notable military leader does Gann have the honor of flying?
(a) Captain John Dubois.
(b) General Dwight Eisenhower.
(c) Lieutenant Mark McAllister.
(d) General Mark Clark.

10. Towards the end of the novel, Gann notes that he is transferred back to Natal and has managed to log how much flying time?
(a) 5,972 hours, 40 minutes.
(b) 2,598 hours, 38 minutes.
(c) 4,627 hours, 29 minutes.
(d) 5,622 hours, 39 minutes.

11. The C-87 is a new plane used mainly for what purpose?
(a) Cross-Atlantic airlifts.
(b) North American flights.
(c) Shorter hauls.
(d) Icy flights.

12. In Chapter 17, what new engines has Gann's DC-4A been outfitted with for his flight from San Francisco to Honolulu?
(a) Simpson 232.
(b) Flash-56.
(c) Dash-13.
(d) Jet engines.

13. What were the deaths of the co-pilots and pilots who died during the DC-4 engine investigations attributed to?
(a) Poor sparkplugs.
(b) Pilot error.
(c) Bad wiring.
(d) Ice formations.

14. After World War II, what happens to the airline industry?
(a) It experiences a huge increase in profits and prestige.
(b) It hits a rough patch financially.
(c) It becomes completely militarized with no more commercial flights.
(d) It is considered a laughing stock.

15. What new navigation trick is used to help keep planes on route to O'Connor's position?
(a) Topography.
(b) Celestial navigation.
(c) Guide features.
(d) Magnetic navigation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Gann's flight from Honolulu headed after landing in Burbank?

2. Gann begins flying for a new airline run by a man named Nelson. Where does this airline fly?

3. When the war comes, what does Gann begin hauling as he continues flying for Nelson's airline?

4. Towards the end of the novel, Gann notes that his favorite old co-pilot is now a pilot. What is the name of this former co-pilot?

5. How does Gann describe his home in Brazil?

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