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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon leaving Wilkes-Barre, Ross allows Gann to fly to the next location. What is that location?
(a) New York City.
(b) Albany.
(c) Syracuse.
(d) Buffalo.

2. How long is the trip from Goose Bay to Greenland estimated to be for Gann and his crew?
(a) 3,100 miles.
(b) 1,300 miles.
(c) 2,100 miles.
(d) 1,500 miles.

3. What type of instructors are McIntosh and Lester?
(a) Irresponsible and rude.
(b) Driven and demanding.
(c) Free-spirited and easy.
(d) Easygoing but tough.

4. When Gann corrects the plane's altitude, what happens?
(a) Another plane flies by, barely missing Gann's plane.
(b) Gann falls asleep.
(c) They hit a flock of birds.
(d) His co-pilot has a heart attack.

5. Again, Gann manages to mess up, but Ross is there to save the day. What does Gann realize after his first flight day with Ross?
(a) Gann realizes that Ross is not that great of a teacher.
(b) Gann realizes that he hates being a co-pilot.
(c) Gann realizes that he has a lot to learn.
(d) Gann realizes that he has nothing left to learn from Ross.

6. How does Gann describe Ross' physical appearance?
(a) He is clean and powerfully built.
(b) He is tall and rather round.
(c) He is short and skinny.
(d) He is dirty but strong.

7. Finish the sentence: Goose Bay initially features...
(a) ...no navigational assets.
(b) ...top-notch navigational tools.
(c) ...a wide array of planes and equipment.
(d) ...a welcome home for Gann and his crew.

8. What modified and militarized plane is Gann flying when he makes his cargo flights?
(a) A G-42.
(b) A D-47.
(c) A C-67.
(d) A C-47.

9. When Ernest flew for the start-up company, between which two places did he fly mainly?
(a) Colorado and Havana.
(b) Mexico and New York.
(c) Florida and Canada.
(d) California and Hawaii.

10. When Gann co-pilots on other routes, he sometimes flies a DC-3. How does Gann view the DC-3's flying capabilities?
(a) He thinks that the DC-3 is exactly like the DC-2.
(b) He does not really care either way.
(c) He hates flying the DC-3.
(d) He likes the easy comfort of the new plane.

11. How does Gann view Ross' Zen-like techniques?
(a) He does not even notice they are happening.
(b) He enjoys these new techniques.
(c) He thinks that they are quite fun.
(d) He finds them obnoxious.

12. How far off altitude was Gann's plane?
(a) 70'.
(b) 50'.
(c) 45'.
(d) 60'.

13. What does Gann learn has caused his plane to have technical trouble while flying from Belem?
(a) The weather caused the problem.
(b) The plane was sabotaged.
(c) His reckless flying caused the problem.
(d) The plane was defective.

14. Why can't Lester fly anymore?
(a) He is afraid of being in the air.
(b) The school does not like him to fly.
(c) He has several physical wounds.
(d) He is not licensed anymore.

15. What type of aircraft does Gann enjoy flying because it is easy and new?
(a) The F27.
(b) The DC-3.
(c) The Tiger.
(d) The BC-4.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which best describes Hughen?

2. Initially, how does Gann view Keim's character?

3. How does Ross seem to handle and respond to Gann's mistakes at Wilkes-Barre and various other stops on their first flight?

4. As more experienced pilots move into Gann's route, what happens to Gann?

5. Upon landing at Wilkes-Barre, what item can Gann not locate?

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