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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following locations is not a stop on Gann's Newark route?
(a) Erie.
(b) Tallahassee.
(c) Buffalo.
(d) Cleveland.

2. What happens to the airline industry due to the wartime economy?
(a) The airline industry grows.
(b) The airline industry remains static.
(c) The airline industry declines.
(d) The airline industry outsources work.

3. What plane is Ross considered the master of?
(a) The DC-5.
(b) The DC-2.
(c) The DC-3.
(d) The DC-4.

4. In Chapter 8, Gann is assigned a new flight crew on his cargo plane; which of the following men is not a member of Gann's new crew?
(a) Johnson.
(b) Summers.
(c) Tetterton.
(d) Rogers.

5. Which best describes Hughen?
(a) A young man.
(b) A novice pilot.
(c) A poorly trained pilot.
(d) A very experienced pilot.

6. When Gann co-pilots on other routes, he sometimes flies a DC-3. How does Gann view the DC-3's flying capabilities?
(a) He hates flying the DC-3.
(b) He thinks that the DC-3 is exactly like the DC-2.
(c) He likes the easy comfort of the new plane.
(d) He does not really care either way.

7. What type of aircraft does Gann enjoy flying because it is easy and new?
(a) The DC-3.
(b) The F27.
(c) The BC-4.
(d) The Tiger.

8. Why can't Lester fly anymore?
(a) He has several physical wounds.
(b) He is not licensed anymore.
(c) He is afraid of being in the air.
(d) The school does not like him to fly.

9. Finish the sentence: Goose Bay initially features...
(a) ...a welcome home for Gann and his crew.
(b) ...a wide array of planes and equipment.
(c) ...no navigational assets.
(d) ...top-notch navigational tools.

10. What area is Gann assigned to upon graduation?
(a) GF-98.
(b) AM-21.
(c) AD-14.
(d) PL-45.

11. What does Gann believe about the other pilots' modesty when talking about their abilities?
(a) He believes they are bluffing.
(b) He thinks they must not be that skilled.
(c) He thinks that they are just shy.
(d) He does not care about the other pilots.

12. What factor determines whether all the stops on the route are reached?
(a) The weather.
(b) The fuel meter.
(c) Gann's attitude.
(d) The importance of the airport.

13. In chapter 8, which friend of Gann's joins the route AM-21 as a pilot?
(a) Dexter.
(b) Cooper.
(c) Mood.
(d) McIntosh.

14. What eliminates the visibility on Gann's flight to Goose Bay?
(a) Thick fog.
(b) Heavy hail.
(c) Snow flurries.
(d) Dense smoke.

15. What does Gann learn has caused his plane to have technical trouble while flying from Belem?
(a) The plane was defective.
(b) His reckless flying caused the problem.
(c) The plane was sabotaged.
(d) The weather caused the problem.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, how long does Gann see himself holding his pilot position?

2. While at Goose Bay, what locations does Gann realize will offer excellent staging areas during the war?

3. Heavy with fuel and equipment, what is the mph Gann's plane averages on the way to Greenland?

4. Occasionally, Gann co-pilots for other pilots on a route from Newark to which main city?

5. Which two pilots does Gann mention in chapter 7 have recently died in a crash?

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