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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Occasionally, Gann co-pilots for other pilots on a route from Newark to which main city?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Corona.
(c) Carson City.
(d) Cincinnati.

2. Throughout the text, how does Gann seem to respond to this seniority number?
(a) He brags about his low number.
(b) He complains about his high number.
(c) He mourns for his low number.
(d) He dismisses the number altogether.

3. While Gann is straightening out the mess with the missing item in Wilkes-Barre, what is Ross doing?
(a) Eating lunch.
(b) Helping Gann search for the missing item.
(c) Taking off without a co-pilot.
(d) Taking a nap.

4. When Gann co-pilots on other routes, he sometimes flies a DC-3. How does Gann view the DC-3's flying capabilities?
(a) He thinks that the DC-3 is exactly like the DC-2.
(b) He does not really care either way.
(c) He hates flying the DC-3.
(d) He likes the easy comfort of the new plane.

5. Which one of the following symptoms of hypoxia does Gann remember on his flight over the Andes?
(a) Visual disturbances.
(b) Hightened sense of smell.
(c) Unconsciousness.
(d) Increased mental awareness.

6. As more experienced pilots move into Gann's route, what happens to Gann?
(a) He is paired with an experienced co-pilot.
(b) He is demoted back to co-pilot.
(c) He is given a promotion to captain.
(d) He is fired.

7. Which word best describes the flight from Goose Bay to Greenland?
(a) Short.
(b) Fun.
(c) Nerve-racking.
(d) Calm.

8. Due to having the visibility limitations on, what type of takeoff does Gann decide to do when leaving for Goose Bay?
(a) A normal takeoff.
(b) A blind takeoff.
(c) An instrument-only takeoff.
(d) A delayed takeoff.

9. What is the main load on the cargo planes that Gann pilots for the military when he first begins flying on their behalf?
(a) Equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces.
(b) Canned food.
(c) Clothing.
(d) Passengers on commercial flights.

10. What are Gann and his co-pilot looking for by following the river through the jungles of South America?
(a) An empty field.
(b) An enemy base.
(c) An airport.
(d) A waterfall.

11. How does Gann describe the weather at Goose Bay?
(a) Warm and breezy.
(b) Humid and thunderous.
(c) Cranky and unpredictable.
(d) Clear and cold.

12. What does Gann glean in his time spent co-piloting with an array of different pilots?
(a) He learns that it is not that hard to be a pilot.
(b) He realizes that he misses Ross.
(c) He discovers that he has learned nothing from his time with them.
(d) He learns tricks from all of them.

13. In Chapter 8, Gann is assigned a new flight crew on his cargo plane; which of the following men is not a member of Gann's new crew?
(a) Tetterton.
(b) Rogers.
(c) Summers.
(d) Johnson.

14. What does Ross do as Gann repeatedly makes the same mistakes?
(a) Verbally insults him.
(b) Encourages him.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Kicks him out of the cockpit.

15. What type of routes are the men being trained to fly?
(a) Commercial routes.
(b) Fighter routes.
(c) Low routes.
(d) Secret routes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How far off altitude was Gann's plane?

2. Why can't Lester fly anymore?

3. What modified and militarized plane is Gann flying when he makes his cargo flights?

4. Again, Gann manages to mess up, but Ross is there to save the day. What does Gann realize after his first flight day with Ross?

5. How does Gann view Ross' Zen-like techniques?

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