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Lesson 1 (from Prologue "The Tip of the Arrow - an Undesired Rendezvous in the Night")


The objective of today's lesson is to introduce autobiographies to the students, describing what an autobiography is, how it is structured, and what various types of autobiographies there are in literature.


1) Have the students define "autobiography" in a short silent writing assignment.

2) Introduce, through a short lecture, the definition of an autobiography along with some of the key structural points of how an autobiography is written and the various types of autobiographies, such as diaries, fictional autobiographies, and celebrity autobiographies.

3) Provide an overview of Gann's novel "Fate Is the Hunter" as an autobiography. Make the students aware of different aspects of an autobiography to be looking out for as they read and discuss "Fate Is the Hunter." So far from the prologue, how do the students feel about this autobiography? What elements of this story help show that it is an autobiography? Who is telling...

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