Fate is the Hunter Character Descriptions

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Gay, Lippincott, Sisto, Watkins, Mood, McGuire, Owen, Charleton, and Carter

These individuals attend flight school with the book's author. All graduate and go on to become co-pilots; most eventually become pilots.

Lester and McIntosh

These instructors are pilots themselves. One suffered horrible physical injuries in an airplane crash that prevent him from flying, while the other is a pilot who served extensively throughout World War II. Both are serious and dedicated instructors.


This American Airlines pilot has several years of experience. He has long legs, a powerful build, and wears expensive black ankle boots that are stylish among pilots.


This red-headed pilot was Army-trained. He is a master navigator and has keen insight on weather pattern. He seems intolerant of mistakes and expects others to be technically proficient in their duties.

Dunn, Hunt, Shoff, Lewis, Konz, Brooks, and Mitchell

These pilots do not fly with the...

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