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Prologue "The Tip of the Arrow - an Undesired Rendezvous in the Night"

• Introduction to Ernest Gann, the author, who learned to fly during the early days of aviation.

• After spending some years flying commercially, Gann flew in World War II as a a civilian pilot.

• After the war, Gann spent time flying for a new airline that flew between California and Honolulu.

• Gann retired to avoid death.
• Gann has a near death experience as he barely misses colliding with a plane after adjusting his altitude 50'.

• Gann refers to "being stalked by fate" for the first time.

Chapter 1 "The Innocents - and of the Facts of Aerial Life"

• Gann attends flight school with nine other men.

• They are taught commercial flight according to American Airlines standards.
• The two flight school professors Gann mentions are McIntosh and Lester.

• Lester was a commercial pilot himself, but an injury suffered...

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