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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Melanie vehemently refuse the next morning?
(a) To take Rod with her to a party that night.
(b) To ride the school bus because her car is broken.
(c) A ride to school.
(d) Scrambled eggs.

2. How do the other guests act about the food Mrs. O'Henry serves?
(a) Horrified.
(b) Cautious.
(c) Enthusiastic.
(d) Disdainful.

3. What is Mr. Patton doing as Arun arrives at the home?
(a) Grilling steaks.
(b) Mowing the yard.
(c) Washing the dog.
(d) Clipping hedges.

4. What does Arun like to do as an escape?
(a) Read comic book.
(b) Play games with his toys.
(c) Write silly plays.
(d) Talk with his sisters.

5. What does the cashier ask Mrs. Patton at the grocery store?
(a) If Melanie is feeling better.
(b) If Rod has a date yet for the social at the country club.
(c) If Mrs. Patton is pregnant.
(d) If Mr. Patton still wants his weekly meat order.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Dutt say is wrong with Uma's mother?

2. What does Mrs. O'Henry give Uma?

3. About what does Arun wonder if he and Melanie have the same reaction?

4. Where does Mira-Masi go to live?

5. Why does Arun decline Rod and his father's invitation to join them?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Arun feel when he finds Mrs. Patton sunbathing one day?

2. How has Mrs. Patton changed over the course of the summer?

3. Why does Arun go with Mrs. Patton and Melanie to the swim hole even though he does not wish to do so?

4. What does Anamika's husband say about her death, and how do the neighbors contradict him?

5. How does Arun feel about his life in the United States?

6. Why is Mama suspicious of Mrs. O'Henry's motives in inviting Uma?

7. What does Dr. Dutt want when she comes one day to visit?

8. What is Arun's reaction to his first trip to the grocery store with Mrs. Patton?

9. What does Melanie say in Chapter 25 about her mother's sunbathing?

10. What does Mrs. Joshi suggest that Uma consider, and what are Uma's thoughts about it?

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