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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Mama and Papa feel about Uma’s invitation from Mrs. O'Henry?
(a) They fear Uma will believe the West is better than India.
(b) They think coffee parties are silly and unnecessary.
(c) They fear the shower will depress Uma.
(d) They are gratified that some of the foreigners take an interest in Uma.

2. What does Mrs. Patton want Arun to teach her?
(a) How to meditate.
(b) The basics of the Hindi religion.
(c) The history of India.
(d) How to cook his favorite foods.

3. What particularly strikes Arun as he is walking to the Patton home?
(a) That Mrs. Patton is allowing an unmarried male to stay in the same home with her daughters.
(b) The tidy homes amidst verdant landscape.
(c) The irony of going to live with Americans, which he used to want to do but no longer does.
(d) That the Pattons do not even know he is from India.

4. What does Arun notice as he escapes the Patton's arguing?
(a) Melanie is vomiting in the bathroom again.
(b) Melanie has snuck a boy into her room.
(c) The television is blaring and no one is in the family room.
(d) Rod has snuck a puppy into his bedroom.

5. Why does Arun decline Rod and his father's invitation to join them?
(a) Arun is tired and wants to sleep.
(b) Arun wants to call his father.
(c) Arun does not feel part of the family.
(d) Arun is going out with a couple boys from India.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what is Rod aware concerning Melanie?

2. Around what does Rod Patton's life revolve?

3. How does Mrs. Patton respond when she finds Melanie at the swimming hole?

4. What is Melanie eating when Arun first sees her?

5. What does Melanie do when she sees Arun walk up to her in the woods?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Arun discover when he takes a walk into the woods?

2. What does Mrs. Joshi suggest that Uma consider, and what are Uma's thoughts about it?

3. Why is Mama suspicious of Mrs. O'Henry's motives in inviting Uma?

4. How does Uma seem different from the other guests at Mrs. O’Henry’s?

5. Why does Arun enter the water so quickly despite not being able to swim well?

6. What is Rod Patton like?

7. What does Arun begin doing and why?

8. What do Arun and Mrs. Patton have in common?

9. Describe Arun's first encounter with Melanie Patton.

10. How has Mrs. Patton changed over the course of the summer?

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