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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What saves Arun from having to react any further to Melanie?
(a) Melanie's boyfriend orders Arun to leave.
(b) Rod comes walking up.
(c) Mrs. Patton arrives.
(d) Melanie runs off.

2. What particularly strikes Arun as he is walking to the Patton home?
(a) That Mrs. Patton is allowing an unmarried male to stay in the same home with her daughters.
(b) That the Pattons do not even know he is from India.
(c) The tidy homes amidst verdant landscape.
(d) The irony of going to live with Americans, which he used to want to do but no longer does.

3. What practice is Mrs. Patton considering adopting?
(a) Tai Chi.
(b) Painting.
(c) Yoga.
(d) Meditation.

4. What does the cashier ask Mrs. Patton at the grocery store?
(a) If Melanie is feeling better.
(b) If Mr. Patton still wants his weekly meat order.
(c) If Mrs. Patton is pregnant.
(d) If Rod has a date yet for the social at the country club.

5. To what does Arun contrast his life at the Patton household?
(a) To the quiet of his life growing up.
(b) To the noisy, cluttered life he shared with him family in India.
(c) To the lack of expectations at the Patton household.
(d) To some of the sitcoms he watches on television.

6. How do Mama and Papa feel about Uma’s invitation from Mrs. O'Henry?
(a) They fear the shower will depress Uma.
(b) They are gratified that some of the foreigners take an interest in Uma.
(c) They think coffee parties are silly and unnecessary.
(d) They fear Uma will believe the West is better than India.

7. Who is Mali?
(a) Uma's friend who lives down the street
(b) Mira-Masi's sister.
(c) Uma's family's domestic help
(d) Mira-Masi's attendant.

8. What does Arun like about staying at the Patton home?
(a) The huge library within walking distance.
(b) Mrs. Patton's mothering of him.
(c) Privacy.
(d) Interaction with the family.

9. What does Arun find when he tires of the water and swims ashore?
(a) Both Melanie and Mrs. Patton are nowhere to be found.
(b) Rod has arrived.
(c) Melanie is asleep.
(d) Mrs Patton is asleep.

10. Who does not come to the table for dinner at the Patton house?
(a) Melanie and Rod.
(b) Melanie and Susie.
(c) Rod.
(d) Susie.

11. What was difficult for Arun during his first year at school?
(a) The lack of friends.
(b) The lack of privacy.
(c) The lack of letters from home.
(d) Understanding American slang.

12. What does Mrs. Patton say she and Arun can do together?
(a) Eat vegetarian.
(b) Play the ijini card game together.
(c) Practice meditation.
(d) Go watch foreign films at the alternative movie theater.

13. Where is Arun's father hoping Arun can continue his education?
(a) France.
(b) Calcutta University.
(c) The United States.
(d) Englad.

14. What does Melanie eat after leaving the meal Arun cooks?
(a) Hershey bars.
(b) A package of Oreo cookies.
(c) Half a jar of peanut butter.
(d) Chocolate chip cookies.

15. What annoys Mr. Patton about Rod and Melanie?
(a) That they do not do any chores around the house.
(b) That they do not want to go on summer vacation.
(c) That they have decided to become vegetarian also.
(d) That they have told Arun some family secrets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uma do when she reaches her breaking point with her parents in Chapter 12?

2. Why does Arun jump into the water and lands in a belly flop?

3. With what does Mother Agnes want Uma's assistance?

4. Around what does Rod Patton's life revolve?

5. Where does Arun work?

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