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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Papa's vocation?
(a) Lawer.
(b) Policeman.
(c) Merchant.
(d) Baker.

2. What happens with Mira-Masi when she leaves Mama and Papa's home to go to the ashram?
(a) She rallies health-wise.
(b) She visits Ramu.
(c) She goes into a hospital.
(d) She and Uma get stuck on a plane on the way to England.

3. Why do some of the pilgrims strike Uma on the back?
(a) To gain luck.
(b) To bring her out of the trance.
(c) To send her more deeply into the trance.
(d) To loosen Uma's soul.

4. What does Uma fear as she dials a phone number in Chapter 9?
(a) Her papa will appear.
(b) Her sister will call and interrupt.
(c) The cook will tell her parents.
(d) The operator will say the call cannot go through.

5. To what kind of life do Uma and Arun resign themselves?
(a) Subservience.
(b) Intellectual stimulation but strict.
(c) Religious.
(d) Comfort and boredom.

6. Why does Anamika suffer a miscarriage?
(a) The baby is malformed.
(b) As a result of a beating.
(c) It is an ectopic pregnancy.
(d) She is too small.

7. What does Papa do professionally?
(a) Becomes involved in politics.
(b) Retires from his law practice.
(c) Begins winning famous trials.
(d) Becomes a judge.

8. How does Papa act once he gets home from the hospital after Mama delivers a baby boy?
(a) Exuberant.
(b) As if nothing had happened.
(c) Anxious about finances.
(d) Despondent.

9. What does Uma say the atmosphere at the Ashram is like?
(a) Raucous.
(b) Loud but organized.
(c) Unwelcoming.
(d) Very quiet.

10. Where does Uma go to dinner with a relative?
(a) The Prasidor.
(b) At a bachelor's home.
(c) The Ritz.
(d) Carlton Hotel.

11. What does Mama tell Uma she must say to a man who comes to see her?
(a) That Uma made the treats that are being served.
(b) That Arun made the treats.
(c) That Uma volunteers at the local school.
(d) That Uma knows how to run a large household.

12. Where is the ashram situated?
(a) On a small tributary of the Ganges River.
(b) At the foot of some hills.
(c) On the open plains.
(d) On the Granges River.

13. What does Papa do every day after work?
(a) Play cricket.
(b) Call his father.
(c) Play tennis.
(d) Visit the temple.

14. Who wants to take Uma to an ashram?
(a) Mir-Masi.
(b) Aruna.
(c) Ramu.
(d) She wants to take herself there.

15. How does Aruna see her parents in relation to her in-laws?
(a) As generous.
(b) As provincial.
(c) As poor.
(d) As wealthy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uma do when she finds the person for whom she is searching in Chapter 3?

2. Where does Uma accompany Mira-Masi when the old woman visits?

3. What disappoints Papa about Arun as Arun gets older?

4. Where does Anamika live after marriage?

5. About what religion does Mira-Masi tell stories to Uma and Aruna?

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