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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the dowry Papa gives a suitor for Uma?
(a) They keep it but refuse the marriage.
(b) They return it and refuse the marriage.
(c) They send half of it back after the groom is killed.
(d) Papa refuses to give them a dowry.

2. What is the disposition of the man interested in marrying Uma?
(a) Morose.
(b) Deliberate.
(c) Sour.
(d) Cheerful.

3. What does Mrs. Joshi say about the groom's family?
(a) They would be very bad for Uma.
(b) They have a reputation for being unscrupulous.
(c) They are from the lower class.
(d) They have a reputation for honor.

4. What do most people say when Mama approaches them about marriage for Uma?
(a) They want someone with more dowry.
(b) They are looking for someone younger or more beautiful.
(c) They want someone who is more educated.
(d) They would take Aruna by not Uma.

5. Where have Mama and Papa gone at the opening to this Chapter 9?
(a) To the temple.
(b) To dinner with Papa's brother.
(c) To play cards.
(d) To a musical recital.

6. What does Uma regret about the trip with Aruna and Aruna's in-laws?
(a) That she was saved from sinking into the river.
(b) That the fireworks had to be cancelled after one burst.
(c) That the temple did not have any cards.
(d) That her parents would not allow her to watch the movie.

7. What is the result of the birth of Arun on Mama's position in the community?
(a) It is elevated.
(b) It stays the same.
(c) It is more stable.
(d) It is more complex.

8. Why do Mama and Papa travel to the city after reading the newspaper?
(a) To check out a possible suitor for Aruna.
(b) To invest their money.
(c) To check out a possible suitor for Uma.
(d) To see a medical specialist.

9. Around what does Mama build her life?
(a) Understanding people.
(b) Meeting Papa's needs.
(c) Her religion.
(d) Securing her daughter's happiness.

10. Where does Uma go after making her phone call in Chapter 9?
(a) The veranda.
(b) To soak in the tub.
(c) Out for a walk.
(d) To sleep on the sofa.

11. Who often give Uma something to add to her collection?
(a) Sister Peacock.
(b) Arun sends things from the United States.
(c) Mrs. O'Henry.
(d) Mira-Masi.

12. Why does Uma give Ayah much of Uma's clothing?
(a) So Ayah will leave Uma alone.
(b) Uma is the soul of generosity.
(c) Uma wants Ayah to help her escape.
(d) Ayah blackmails Uma.

13. Why does Anamika suffer a miscarriage?
(a) She is too small.
(b) As a result of a beating.
(c) It is an ectopic pregnancy.
(d) The baby is malformed.

14. Who is Anamika?
(a) Ramu's cousin.
(b) Uma's best friend.
(c) Ramu's wife.
(d) Ramu's sister.

15. What irritates Papa when they go to the park?
(a) The number of people there.
(b) The barking dogs.
(c) The loud music.
(d) The trash.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uma do when she finds the person for whom she is searching in Chapter 3?

2. What does Papa demand at his meals?

3. What is Uma's response when the man interested in marrying her arrives at her house?

4. Where is the ashram situated?

5. What does Uma drink when out to dinner?

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