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Essay Topic 1

Chapters 1 and 2 define the plight of female children born in India. Families desire male children to continue the family line and do not attempt to conceal their delight when a boy child is born, as in the case with Arun. Female children are raised without the benefit of much, if any, education until they become of age and can leave home in arranged marriages. Uma's disappointment at having to leave the convent school is heightened when Papa does not intervene and save Uma from a fate of domesticity.

a) Discuss the ways in which Uma’s life was affected by being born female in Fasting, Feasting.

b) Discuss the ways in which education would have changed Uma’s life.

c) Discuss the difficulties that Arun faces by being the only male child in his family.

Essay Topic 2

Chapter 4 is important because of the presence of Mira-Masi...

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