Fasting, Feasting Character Descriptions

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This character is the author's symbol for the grossly subservient role of women, especially in Indian society.


In her mind, the main character refers to these two people as one name.


This character receives favored treatment from the day of his birth.

Mrs. Patton

This character is starved emotionally and feels powerless to alter her own circumstances.


This character marries a successful man and creates a shallow, distant life in Bombay, far away from her family's emotional and physical ties.


This character is a widowed relative in Mama's family who takes a special liking to the main character.


This character's arranged marriage is filled with physical abuse ultimately ending in her death, either by suicide or murder by her husband and mother-in-law.

Mr. Patton

This character is the stereotypical successful, white businessman living in suburban America.

Rod Patton

This character's life is...

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