Fasting, Feasting Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1, Chapters 1 - 2

• Uma’s parents, who are sitting on a swing on the veranda, issue orders to Uma about her household duties. Uma begrudgingly obeys.

• Uma gives the housekeeper the orders, and then returns to the veranda to take diction for a letter to Uma’s brother Arun who is at a university in America.

• Uma’s mother came from a wealthy merchant family, and her father is a lawyer who has given his family a nice lifestyle.

• Uma’s father speaks of the value of his education and the difficulties he had securing it, and her mother talks of food and family.

• Uma’s mother has built her life around meeting her husband’s needs and since Uma’s papa has no use for frivolities the household has little gaiety.

• Uma’s mother sends her father off to work each day with his tennis clothes so...

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