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Eric Schlosser
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ray Kroc doing when he first visited McDonald's in 1954?

2. Whose previous appearance at the "Success" seminar spurs other celebrities to speak at them?

3. The speed and volume of a factory's flow is called what?

4. What does KIGY stand for?

5. How is the metropolis of Los Angeles characterized?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes the wide gulf between Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

2. How is the poultry industry transformed in the 1980's?

3. Despite differences between the two men, how is Walt Disney a role model for Ray Kroc?

4. According to the author, what is the purpose of the episodes of the television show, Disneyland?

5. What happens when a franchise operator fails to follow the McDonald's operation and training manual?

6. How does the consumer react to McDonald's switch from fresh to frozen french fries?

7. How does the character Ronald McDonald come to be?

8. What is meant by the term "bulk commodity"?

9. Why are teenagers perfect candidates for working in the fast food industry?

10. What effect does the growth of fast food chains have on the beef industry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the culture in San Bernardino after World War II. Illustrate the dichotomy between the McDonald's philosophy and the presence of the Hell's Angels. What are the values of each? What are some of the trappings of each aspect of the culture?

Essay Topic 2

Describe how Henry Ford's assembly line style of production affects evolution of service in the fast food industry. What restaurant chains espouse this method of production? Why is it so effective?

Essay Topic 3

What effect does Upton Sinclair's novel, The Jungle, have on the meat-packing industry? What is Sinclair's intended effect in writing the book? What type of legislation is passed as a result of his book's publication?

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