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Eric Schlosser
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chickens are regulated by what federal agency?
(a) NAS.
(b) NIH.
(c) USDA.
(d) FDA.

2. What is the name of the small electric knives with spinning, round blades that workers use to carve meat?
(a) Whizzard.
(b) Slingblade.
(c) Carver.
(d) Sectioner.

3. Which pet food company was responsible for contracting a feline variant of mad cow disease?
(a) Nutro.
(b) Science Diet.
(c) Pedigree Master Foods.
(d) Special Kitty.

4. What are the knee high rubber boots that the author puts on before entering the meatpacking plant?
(a) Justins.
(b) Dingos.
(c) Hipwaders.
(d) Wellingtons.

5. Which fast food chain made hamburgers popular in the 1920's?
(a) McDonald's.
(b) White Castle.
(c) Burger King.
(d) Goldie's.

Short Answer Questions

1. The 1980 Education Act eliminates government subsidies for ___________.

2. Which is the only state in the union to allow companies to leave the worker's comp system and set up its own system for dealing with injuries?

3. What are long-haired, working class German fans of American heavy metal music called in Plauen?

4. The East German Secret Police are called ______.

5. Who purchases IBP in this chapter?

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