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Eric Schlosser
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to historian Harvey Levenstein, when was the "Golden Age of Food Processing"?
(a) The 1940's.
(b) The 1970's.
(c) The 1950's.
(d) The 1960's.

2. Republican Congressman Andy Ireland calls franchisees who want legal reform of regulations ______ in congress.
(a) Hippies.
(b) Knuckle draggers.
(c) Communists.
(d) Whiny butts.

3. What is responsible for converting the Idaho desert into lush farmland?
(a) The Snake River flood.
(b) Private irrigation contracts.
(c) Rainfall pattern changes.
(d) The Snake River Reclamation Project.

4. Whom does Carl Karcher marry?
(a) Margaret Heinz.
(b) Marcia Stevens.
(c) Mary Heidenreich.
(d) Jane Mansfield.

5. How much do people who speak at the "Success" events make?
(a) Nothing, they do it for free.
(b) $500,000.
(c) $30,000 to $60,000.
(d) $700.

Short Answer Questions

1. Walt Disney buys 160 acres of what in Anaheim to build Disneyland?

2. Which county was planning to build a highway right through the heart of Hank's ranch?

3. Where does the Air Defense Command move in 1951?

4. What percentage of fast food visits is "impulsive"?

5. After working at Burger King for about a year, what does sociologist Ester Reiter conclude was the trait most valued in fast food workers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the poultry industry transformed in the 1980's?

2. Why does Dave Feamster get into business owning a Little Caesar's?

3. Besides his success in the food business, what else has contributed to J.R. Simplot's wealth?

4. What effect does the growth of fast food chains have on the beef industry?

5. How do ranchers become victim to their own fallacy of composition in the 1970's?

6. What happens when a franchise operator fails to follow the McDonald's operation and training manual?

7. Why does General Motors get into the franchise business in 1898?

8. What causes the wide gulf between Colorado Springs and Pueblo?

9. What factors may have contributed to the rancher Hank's suicide?

10. What is Carl Karcher's personal philosophy?

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