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Eric Schlosser
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the McDonald brothers call their system of service?
(a) The Independent Service System.
(b) The Speedee Service Sytem.
(c) The Efficiency System.
(d) The Super Service System.

2. To which organization is Wernher von Braun a member during World War II?
(a) The German Marxists.
(b) The French Resistance.
(c) The CIA.
(d) The NAZI party.

3. What potatoes are considered the perfect frying potato?
(a) Russet Burbank.
(b) White Rose.
(c) Baby Red.
(d) Yukon Gold.

4. Subway is founded in 1965 by whom?
(a) Carl Karcher.
(b) Ray Kroc.
(c) John Atwater.
(d) Frederick DeLuca.

5. Where does Simplot open a phosphate mine?
(a) Blackfoot.
(b) The Kickapoo Indian Reservation.
(c) South Boise.
(d) The Fort Hill Indian Reservation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Feamster's wife does what for a living?

2. What is phosphate used for in potato farming?

3. In 1941, hundreds of Disney animators go on strike, expressing support for what organization?

4. Republican Congressman Howard Coble, who introduces legislation to regulate franchising, is from which state?

5. At the "Success" seminar, what is the prize for winning the dance contest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What percentage of the American population suffers a bout of food poisoning each year?

2. What happens when a franchise operator fails to follow the McDonald's operation and training manual?

3. What do the McDonald brothers do in 1948 to change the food retail business and why?

4. How does World War I destroy the culture of Plauen, Germany?

5. According to one account, why does the deal to put McDonald's in Disneyland initially fall through?

6. According to anthropologist, Yunxiang Yan, what does McDonald's represent for Beijing customers?

7. What largely determines an Idaho potato farmer's annual income?

8. How are poultry contracts constructed?

9. How does In-N-Out Burger do business differently than other restaurants?

10. Besides his success in the food business, what else has contributed to J.R. Simplot's wealth?

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