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Eric Schlosser
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the supervisor given in the book who belittles his employees injuries, cursing them out, and shouting at his workers to move faster?
(a) Simon LeMond.
(b) Simon Legree.
(c) Johann Legrand.
(d) John LeMonde.

2. Which kind of grass-fed, lower fat beef considered a gourmet item and may be less likely to spread E. coli?
(a) Argentine.
(b) Mexican.
(c) Stockyard Special.
(d) Kobe.

3. Cattle remains that were previously fed to cattle are now fed to _____.
(a) Pets.
(b) Wild boar.
(c) Ostriches.
(d) Alligators.

4. Who is the president of STOP (Safe Tables Our Priority)?
(a) Nancy Donley.
(b) Suzanne Somers.
(c) Kay Orr.
(d) Barbara Boxer.

5. What has the upheaval caused by fundamental changes that sweep the meat-packing industry come to be known as?
(a) Anti-unionization.
(b) The anti-trust fiasco.
(c) The ConAgra solution.
(d) The IBP revolution.

6. Where do some meatpacking workers cook little bits of meat on a shift?
(a) In their hard hads.
(b) In their sterilizers.
(c) On the cremator.
(d) On the converyer belt motor.

7. Which health secretary surprises the British Parliament by declaring that mad cow disease might jump species and infect humans?
(a) Alistair Carmichael.
(b) Stephen Dorrell.
(c) Danny Alexander.
(d) Gregory Barker.

8. What is the other name for mad cow disease from the book?
(a) SARS.
(b) E. coli O157:H7.
(c) BSE.
(d) AQS.

9. The East German Secret Police are called ______.
(a) KGB.
(b) NAZI.
(c) EGSP.
(d) Stasi.

10. Who purchases IBP in this chapter?
(a) Monfort.
(b) IBP.
(c) ConAgra.
(d) Tyson Foods.

11. In the 1920's, Plauen has the most millionaires in Germany and the most _____.
(a) Schitzel restaurants.
(b) Marriages.
(c) Suicides.
(d) Cattle.

12. Chickens are regulated by what federal agency?
(a) USDA.
(b) NAS.
(c) FDA.
(d) NIH.

13. Who was elected for a second term in the 1999 Colorado Springs mayoral race?
(a) Anne Summers.
(b) Mike Harper.
(c) Mary Lou Makepeace.
(d) Roger Townsend.

14. Eggs are regulated by what federal agency?
(a) NAS.
(b) USDA.
(c) NIH.
(d) FDA.

15. What are the apron and gloves made of that workers put on to protect themselves from knife wounds?
(a) Chain mail.
(b) Leather.
(c) Kevlar.
(d) Goretex.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are long-haired, working class German fans of American heavy metal music called in Plauen?

2. Which California-based restaurant chain boasts no microwaves, heat lamps, or freezers?

3. What is the term for how illegals are generally employed?

4. What is the job title of a worker in a packinghouse who pulls the stomach out of a steer and ties off the intestines?

5. The 1980 Education Act eliminates government subsidies for ___________.

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