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Eric Schlosser
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Most Dangerous Job.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the nickname for the McDonald's operations and training manual assembled by Fred Turner in 1958?
(a) The Way.
(b) The Bible.
(c) The Paper Weight.
(d) The Book.

2. What is the apparent ideal for employees in the restaurant industry?
(a) Quality training.
(b) Highly skilled personnel.
(c) Perfect attendance.
(d) Zero training.

3. Who comes up with the idea for the Chicken McNugget in 1979?
(a) Robert Iger.
(b) Cam Robertson.
(c) Fred Turner.
(d) Ray Kroc.

4. Where is the potato museum in Idaho?
(a) Aberdeen.
(b) Yellowstone.
(c) Boise.
(d) Blackfoot.

5. How does Michael Witzel characterize the drive-in restaurants of the early 1940's?
(a) As "circular meccas of neon".
(b) As "wholesome expressions in dining".
(c) As "gaudy relfections of the American psyche".
(d) As "terminal migrations of taste".

Short Answer Questions

1. Disney's broadcast of "Our Friend the Atom" is sponsored by which manufacturing company?

2. What is the annual turnover rate in the fast food industry at the writing of this book?

3. To which organization is Wernher von Braun a member during World War II?

4. Who owns Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut?

5. What is the name of the small electric knives with spinning, round blades that workers use to carve meat?

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