Objects & Places from Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser
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Southern California

This is where the first fast food restaurants began, primarily in response to the automobile and highways in and around the area.

San Bernardino, California

Site of the first McDonald's Restaurant with the new automated system of preparation and service in 1948.

One McDonald's Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois

Site of the Ray Kroc Museum and the place where managers and franchisees are trained for this particular company.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Site of huge growth because of defense industry growth, site of many fast food chains and where a certain company has used its restaurants here as testing sites for new technology and food items.

Aberdeen, Idaho

Home of the J.R. Simplot Potato Plant, where potatoes are processed from field to frozen fries of all types.

New Jersey

The Flavor Capitol of the World where numerous chemical laboratories provide the research and development for natural flavoring and...

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