Daily Lessons for Teaching Fast Food Nation

Eric Schlosser
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Lesson 1 (from The Founding Fathers)


One of the things that most of the founding fathers of fast food have in common is that they come from backgrounds of having no money and made their fortunes in fast food. This lesson is on Perseverance.


1) Class Discussion: What is Perseverance? Why is perseverance so important when starting a business?

2) Journal: What are some of the aspects of starting a business? Where does the money come from to start Carl Karcher's first business? What things does he need to have in place to keep his business running smoothly?

3) In-class Writing Assignment: Write a paragraph explaining Carl Karcher's background. How does this influence his drive to succeed? What era did he grow up in? What was the normal job pursuit for people born in his era?

4) Groups: Discuss the hardships involved in starting a business. What are some of the obstacles that any business...

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