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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Senora Valencia do during the massacre to honor Amabelle?
(a) She hid several Haitian immigrants in her home
(b) She gave birth to a child and named her Amabelle
(c) She painted a picture of her to hang in her home
(d) She searched the countryside for her friend

2. Why does Amabelle repeat Sebastien's name over and over?
(a) To let him know she is looking for him
(b) To purge his image from her memory
(c) To keep his memory alive
(d) To try and resurrect him from the dead

3. What shape did Amabelle's father always make her Christmas lanterns?
(a) Kites
(b) Little girl
(c) Christmas trees
(d) Monuments

4. What does Amabelle do for several days after arriving at the clinic?
(a) Cry
(b) Suffer in pain
(c) Sleep
(d) Search for Sebastien

5. Who does Dona Sabine and Don Gilbert hide in their home?
(a) Rosalinda
(b) The Generalissimo's soldiers
(c) Haitian immigrants
(d) Senora Valencia

Short Answer Questions

1. When Amabelle dreams of her mother, what does she picture the woman wearing?

2. What has Amabelle wondered about her parents' deaths for years?

3. Why did Man Rapadou kill her husband?

4. What risk is Amabelle taking at the end of the novel by wading into the river?

5. Where does Man Denise leave for?

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