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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the residents of Cap Haitien react when they receive news of Trujillo's death?
(a) They mourn the great leader's death
(b) They grow anxious about who will be the next leader of the nation
(c) They celebrate in the streets
(d) They celebrate in private for fear of being arrested

2. Why does Amabelle stand over Odette's body for a long time?
(a) She cannot say goodbye to her because her death with always be with Amabelle
(b) She is saying the last rites for her friend
(c) She wants to make sure the woman will not come back to life
(d) She is frightened the same will happen to her

3. What does Senora Valencia ask Juana to do to soothe her into sleep?
(a) Tell her stories of Haiti
(b) Place the baby girl in bed with her
(c) Stroke her hand
(d) Tell her stories of her mother

4. How does Amabelle plan on crossing the border?
(a) By showing her papers to the guards at the border
(b) By calling upon Senor Pico to grant her permission to cross
(c) During the night with the help of a man who does this for a living
(d) During the night with Yves' help

5. What torture does Tibon escape that many other Haitian immigrants did not?
(a) Being driven off of a cliff
(b) Being forced off of a cliff
(c) The firing squad
(d) Being drawn and quartered

6. What does Amabelle do for several days after arriving at the clinic?
(a) Search for Sebastien
(b) Sleep
(c) Cry
(d) Suffer in pain

7. Why did Man Rapadou kill her husband?
(a) He was planning on becoming a spy
(b) He was cheating on her
(c) He refused to work for a living
(d) He was abusive and cruel to her and the children

8. How does the Generalissimo plan to compensate the injured and dead Haitians?
(a) By allowing those alive to re-enter the country
(b) With small monetary payments
(c) He refuses to compensate them because he does not believe he is responsible.
(d) By providing them with land to farm on

9. Who does Tibon say is rumored to be waiting for the Haitians at the border?
(a) God
(b) The Dominican army
(c) Their families
(d) The Generalissimo

10. Who stays with Rafi's body during the night after the wake?
(a) Amabelle
(b) Senor Pico
(c) Juana
(d) Senora Valencia

11. Where does Man Denise leave for?
(a) Cap Haitien
(b) Port au Prince
(c) Alegria
(d) Dajabon

12. What shocks Amabelle about Man Rapadou's storytelling?
(a) It sounds as if she is reciting poetry
(b) She remembers every detail of every event
(c) She is able to laugh at sad stories
(d) It is highly detailed

13. What does Senora Valencia do with her son's body that is unexpected?
(a) She refuses to allow him to be buried
(b) She allows no one to view it
(c) She spends all of her time holding it
(d) She allows visitors to view it

14. Why does Wilner discourage the travelers from lighting fires?
(a) The light will allow them to be seen
(b) Fire will give them hope they will make it to the border
(c) The smoke will draw attention to their camp
(d) They will waste precious matches

15. Why do the Dominicans taunt Amabelle and Yves with parsley?
(a) It is readily available
(b) Parsley is a symbol of independence
(c) They know Haitians hate parsley
(d) To show they are Haitians through their pronunciation of the word

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kongo give Amabelle as a gift?

2. Why does Amabelle lie naked on the floor in Chapter 17?

3. How does Senora Valencia first react when Amabelle comes to visit her?

4. What lead to Yves' father's death?

5. Who does Dona Sabine and Don Gilbert hide in their home?

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