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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Senora Valencia do with her son's body that is unexpected?
(a) She allows visitors to view it
(b) She spends all of her time holding it
(c) She allows no one to view it
(d) She refuses to allow him to be buried

2. What main town do the travelers reach first?
(a) Alegria
(b) Dajabon
(c) Cap Haitien
(d) Trujillo

3. Who offers to bless Amabelle and Sebastien's marriage?
(a) Father Vargas
(b) Kongo
(c) Senora Valencia
(d) Papi

4. When Amabelle dreams of her mother, what does she picture the woman wearing?
(a) The clothes she was wearing the day she died
(b) A dress made of glass
(c) Her wedding dress
(d) A dress made of river water

5. Which of the following is NOT a detail Juana tells Senora Valencia about her mother?
(a) She treated Juana and Luis like friends
(b) She died giving birth to Senora Valencia
(c) She was a kind, gentle woman
(d) She was once shy, but became bolder when she got married

6. Who digs the grave for Rafi's baby clothes?
(a) Senor Pico
(b) Luis
(c) Papi
(d) Dr. Javier

7. What do the refugees see in a picture of the Haitian president that angers them?
(a) A medal given to him by the Generalissimo to symbolize the friendship between their countries
(b) A congratulatory letter from the Generalissimo
(c) A Dominican flag
(d) A portrait of the Generalissimo hanging behind the president

8. What lead to Yves' father's death?
(a) The brutality of the cane harvest
(b) Food poisoning
(c) Beatings in prison
(d) Eating rich food after starving in prison

9. Why does Man Rapadou feed Amabelle pumpkin soup?
(a) It is known as a good luck food
(b) It is known to increase fertility
(c) Pumpkins have healing powers
(d) Amabelle is unable to eat solid food because of her injuries

10. How does the Generalissimo plan to compensate the injured and dead Haitians?
(a) He refuses to compensate them because he does not believe he is responsible.
(b) With small monetary payments
(c) By providing them with land to farm on
(d) By allowing those alive to re-enter the country

11. What did Senora Valencia do during the massacre to honor Amabelle?
(a) She searched the countryside for her friend
(b) She gave birth to a child and named her Amabelle
(c) She painted a picture of her to hang in her home
(d) She hid several Haitian immigrants in her home

12. What do Doloritas and Amabelle have in common?
(a) They have both lost their parents
(b) They are both engaged to Haitian men who are missing
(c) They both lived in Alegria
(d) They both worked in the sugar cane fields

13. Why does Amabelle lie naked on the floor in Chapter 17?
(a) Sebastien asks her to take off her uniform
(b) She wants to sweat out all of her moisture so she cannot cry
(c) She is sick and cannot move
(d) She wants to feel the coolness of the earth

14. How do the residents of Cap Haitien react when they receive news of Trujillo's death?
(a) They mourn the great leader's death
(b) They celebrate in private for fear of being arrested
(c) They celebrate in the streets
(d) They grow anxious about who will be the next leader of the nation

15. How does Senora Valencia first react when Amabelle comes to visit her?
(a) She refuses to believe she is Amabelle
(b) She breaks down into tears at the sight of her old friend
(c) She is too old and disoriented to remember Amabelle
(d) She is relieved that Amabelle is still alive

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Senora Valencia ask Juana to do to soothe her into sleep?

2. Who from Alegria does Amabelle discover is living near the border clinic?

3. What shape did Amabelle's father always make her Christmas lanterns?

4. Which of the following is NOT a memory Amabelle has as she is walking down the trail with the other immigrants?

5. Why do the refugees become angered on the sixteenth day of testimonials?

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