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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did the Generalissimo work as a young man?
(a) In the Dominican army
(b) In Senora Valencia's home
(c) In a Haitian farm
(d) In the cane fields

2. What main town do the travelers reach first?
(a) Dajabon
(b) Trujillo
(c) Alegria
(d) Cap Haitien

3. According to a nun at the clinic, who has been asking about Amabelle?
(a) Dr. Javier
(b) Yves
(c) Juana
(d) Sebastien

4. What news does Man Denise tell Amabelle several refugees have come to tell her of?
(a) Sebastien has married another woman
(b) Sebastien and Mimi are living across the border in the Dominican Republic
(c) The murders of Sebastien and Mimi
(d) The accidental deaths of Sebastien and Mimi

5. Which of the following people does Amabelle NOT secure passage to Haiti for?
(a) Sebastien
(b) Mimi
(c) Juana
(d) Herself

6. What does Juana prepare in honor of Rosalinda's baptism?
(a) A baptismal gown
(b) An altar
(c) Decorations
(d) A feast

7. What do Doloritas and Amabelle have in common?
(a) They have both lost their parents
(b) They are both engaged to Haitian men who are missing
(c) They both worked in the sugar cane fields
(d) They both lived in Alegria

8. What does Yves confess to Amabelle one night?
(a) He watched Sebastien and Mimi be shot by the Dominican soldiers
(b) He traded places with Sebastien on the night they escaped
(c) He is in love with Amabelle
(d) He watched Sebastien and Mimi loaded into the trucks while he hid in the woods

9. What does Yves suggest Amabelle do to make money for herself?
(a) Take care of Man Rapadou
(b) Work in the local market
(c) Farm with him
(d) Sew dresses

10. Who digs the grave for Rafi's baby clothes?
(a) Papi
(b) Dr. Javier
(c) Senor Pico
(d) Luis

11. What does Amabelle want in place of compensation?
(a) To see Senora Valencia again
(b) Sebastien to return to Haiti
(c) Treatment for her injuries
(d) Information about Sebastien and Mimi

12. Who does Dona Sabine and Don Gilbert hide in their home?
(a) Rosalinda
(b) Haitian immigrants
(c) The Generalissimo's soldiers
(d) Senora Valencia

13. What does Papi spend time doing after his grandson dies?
(a) Tending to his orchid garden
(b) Listening to Spanish radio channels
(c) Watching over his grandson's coffin
(d) Crying incessantly

14. Who does Amabelle see for the first time in years during the celebration following Trujillo's death?
(a) Papi
(b) Sebastien
(c) Dr. Javier
(d) Father Romain

15. Why does Wilner discourage the travelers from lighting fires?
(a) Fire will give them hope they will make it to the border
(b) The light will allow them to be seen
(c) They will waste precious matches
(d) The smoke will draw attention to their camp

Short Answer Questions

1. What warning does Dr. Javier bring to Amabelle?

2. What lead to Yves' father's death?

3. Which of the following is NOT a memory Amabelle has as she is walking down the trail with the other immigrants?

4. How do the residents of Cap Haitien react when they receive news of Trujillo's death?

5. What risk is Amabelle taking at the end of the novel by wading into the river?

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