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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Senora Valencia do during the massacre to honor Amabelle?
(a) She gave birth to a child and named her Amabelle
(b) She hid several Haitian immigrants in her home
(c) She searched the countryside for her friend
(d) She painted a picture of her to hang in her home

2. Which of the following people does Amabelle NOT secure passage to Haiti for?
(a) Herself
(b) Sebastien
(c) Juana
(d) Mimi

3. Why does Man Rapadou feed Amabelle pumpkin soup?
(a) Pumpkins have healing powers
(b) It is known to increase fertility
(c) It is known as a good luck food
(d) Amabelle is unable to eat solid food because of her injuries

4. How does Amabelle plan on crossing the border?
(a) By showing her papers to the guards at the border
(b) During the night with Yves' help
(c) During the night with the help of a man who does this for a living
(d) By calling upon Senor Pico to grant her permission to cross

5. What strikes Amabelle as she witnesses a woman having her leg amputated?
(a) The woman's leg
(b) A drop of her own blood
(c) The doctor's hand
(d) A drop of the woman's blood

6. What shape did Amabelle's father always make her Christmas lanterns?
(a) Monuments
(b) Christmas trees
(c) Little girl
(d) Kites

7. How does Senora Valencia first react when Amabelle comes to visit her?
(a) She refuses to believe she is Amabelle
(b) She is too old and disoriented to remember Amabelle
(c) She is relieved that Amabelle is still alive
(d) She breaks down into tears at the sight of her old friend

8. Who does Tibon say is rumored to be waiting for the Haitians at the border?
(a) Their families
(b) The Dominican army
(c) God
(d) The Generalissimo

9. What sight in the deserted village does Yves conceal from the others?
(a) The large stores of food
(b) The hanging bodies of the villagers
(c) The papers of Haitian traders
(d) The buckets of water

10. What do the travelers smell burning when they awake?
(a) Houses
(b) Sugar cane
(c) Human bodies
(d) Wood

11. Why do the refugees become angered on the sixteenth day of testimonials?
(a) An official tells them that there is no more money available
(b) An official tells them the Generalissimo does not believe them
(c) They are being arrested for crimes against the Dominican Republic
(d) They are denied access to government officials

12. What is different about the homes in Alegria when Amabelle visits years later?
(a) They are now owned by Haitians
(b) They are more open and inviting
(c) They were destroyed during the revolution
(d) They are protected by high walls and guards

13. What has Amabelle wondered about her parents' deaths for years?
(a) Why they chose to wade into the raging waters
(b) What they wanted her to remember about them
(c) Why she did not die also
(d) What they were trying to signal to her as they washed away

14. Who from Alegria does Amabelle discover is living near the border clinic?
(a) Papi
(b) Sebastien
(c) Senora Valencia
(d) Father Romain

15. Which of the following is NOT a memory Amabelle has as she is walking down the trail with the other immigrants?
(a) Holding Senora Valencia's babies
(b) Helping Papi in the garden
(c) Visiting with Sebastien
(d) Going to the market with Juana

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Yves give Amabelle that makes her hopeful Sebastien and Mimi were able to cross the river?

2. Why does Amabelle usher Senora Valencia back into the house as the soldiers arrive in the valley?

3. Where does Man Denise leave for?

4. Why does Amabelle repeat Sebastien's name over and over?

5. Where did Amabelle and Sebastien first make love?

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