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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following ideas is NOT part of the Generalissimo's speech broadcasted on the radio?
(a) Those who are independent must carry out justice
(b) Today's leaders must help ensure the nation is free
(c) Workers are revered
(d) All men must fulfill their military duties

2. Why does Amabelle visit Kongo?
(a) To deliver wood for Joel's coffin
(b) To tell him Papi would like to speak with him
(c) To tell him Senor Pico killed Joel
(d) To make sure he is dealing with Joel's death

3. Why did Man Rapadou kill her husband?
(a) He was cheating on her
(b) He refused to work for a living
(c) He was planning on becoming a spy
(d) He was abusive and cruel to her and the children

4. Why does Amabelle stand over Odette's body for a long time?
(a) She wants to make sure the woman will not come back to life
(b) She is frightened the same will happen to her
(c) She cannot say goodbye to her because her death with always be with Amabelle
(d) She is saying the last rites for her friend

5. What do the people in the clinic share stories of?
(a) The slaughter of Haitian immigrants that they witnessed
(b) The happier times in the past
(c) The deaths of their parents
(d) Their former lives in the Dominican Republic

6. What does the Massacre River mark for the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
(a) The border between the two nations
(b) The place where too many people died
(c) The water source for the two nations
(d) A point of contention between the two nations

7. Who does Amabelle see for the first time in years during the celebration following Trujillo's death?
(a) Sebastien
(b) Father Romain
(c) Papi
(d) Dr. Javier

8. What does a woman in Cap Haitian give Amabelle to help ease her pain?
(a) A talisman
(b) A crucifix
(c) An orange
(d) Liquor

9. Who offers to bless Amabelle and Sebastien's marriage?
(a) Papi
(b) Father Vargas
(c) Kongo
(d) Senora Valencia

10. What do Doloritas and Amabelle have in common?
(a) They both worked in the sugar cane fields
(b) They both lived in Alegria
(c) They have both lost their parents
(d) They are both engaged to Haitian men who are missing

11. What does Senora Valencia ask Juana to do to soothe her into sleep?
(a) Tell her stories of her mother
(b) Place the baby girl in bed with her
(c) Stroke her hand
(d) Tell her stories of Haiti

12. Who does Papi go to visit when he takes a walk to escape Senor Pico?
(a) Dr. Javier
(b) Amabelle
(c) Kongo
(d) Sebastien

13. Why does Man Rapadou feed Amabelle pumpkin soup?
(a) It is known to increase fertility
(b) It is known as a good luck food
(c) Pumpkins have healing powers
(d) Amabelle is unable to eat solid food because of her injuries

14. What does Papi spend time doing after his grandson dies?
(a) Watching over his grandson's coffin
(b) Listening to Spanish radio channels
(c) Tending to his orchid garden
(d) Crying incessantly

15. Why do the refugees become angered on the sixteenth day of testimonials?
(a) They are being arrested for crimes against the Dominican Republic
(b) An official tells them the Generalissimo does not believe them
(c) An official tells them that there is no more money available
(d) They are denied access to government officials

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the cane workers and their families gather in the evenings?

2. Which of the following is NOT a detail Juana tells Senora Valencia about her mother?

3. Why does Amabelle lie naked on the floor in Chapter 17?

4. What news does Man Denise tell Amabelle several refugees have come to tell her of?

5. Which of the travelers is killed by the mob in Dajabon?

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