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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Yves and Amabelle plan to go when they leave the clinic?
(a) Sebastien's mother's house
(b) Yves' mother's house
(c) Amabelle's family land
(d) Back to Alegria to look for Sebastien and Mimi

2. Who from Alegria does Amabelle discover is living near the border clinic?
(a) Father Romain
(b) Sebastien
(c) Papi
(d) Senora Valencia

3. What risk is Amabelle taking at the end of the novel by wading into the river?
(a) Being killed by the border guards
(b) Drowning in the raging river
(c) Being arrested by the Dominican soldiers
(d) Being injured by the sharp rocks in the river

4. Where does Amabelle visit that she was afraid of going as a child?
(a) To the top of the citidel
(b) To Sebastien's mother's home
(c) To the river
(d) To her family's land

5. What lead to Yves' father's death?
(a) Beatings in prison
(b) Food poisoning
(c) The brutality of the cane harvest
(d) Eating rich food after starving in prison

6. Where does Amabelle promise Sebastien she will visit?
(a) The cane fields where they met
(b) His mother's home
(c) Alegria
(d) The cave where they first made love

7. What main town do the travelers reach first?
(a) Trujillo
(b) Dajabon
(c) Cap Haitien
(d) Alegria

8. Why does Amabelle usher Senora Valencia back into the house as the soldiers arrive in the valley?
(a) Amabelle fears for Senora Valencia's safety
(b) Senora Valencia has begun bleeding
(c) Amabelle does not want the soldiers to take her away from Senora Valencia
(d) Senora Valencia becomes hysterical

9. According to a nun at the clinic, who has been asking about Amabelle?
(a) Sebastien
(b) Juana
(c) Yves
(d) Dr. Javier

10. What does a woman in Cap Haitian give Amabelle to help ease her pain?
(a) An orange
(b) A crucifix
(c) Liquor
(d) A talisman

11. What do the refugees see in a picture of the Haitian president that angers them?
(a) A portrait of the Generalissimo hanging behind the president
(b) A Dominican flag
(c) A medal given to him by the Generalissimo to symbolize the friendship between their countries
(d) A congratulatory letter from the Generalissimo

12. What strikes Amabelle as she witnesses a woman having her leg amputated?
(a) A drop of the woman's blood
(b) A drop of her own blood
(c) The doctor's hand
(d) The woman's leg

13. Where did Amabelle and Sebastien first make love?
(a) In her hut
(b) In the sugar cane fields
(c) In a cave
(d) In their village in Haiti

14. What are the people of Dajabon celebrating?
(a) Christmas
(b) Generalissimo Trujillo
(c) Their victory over the Haitians
(d) The Dominican independence

15. Why does Amabelle repeat Sebastien's name over and over?
(a) To try and resurrect him from the dead
(b) To let him know she is looking for him
(c) To keep his memory alive
(d) To purge his image from her memory

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Father Romain changed since Amabelle last saw him?

2. What does Yves suggest Amabelle do to make money for herself?

3. Why does Amabelle visit Man Denise's house on a daily basis?

4. Why does Amabelle lie naked on the floor in Chapter 17?

5. What does Senora Valencia ask Senor Pico to do before he leaves for the military operation at the border?

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