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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Man Denise tell Amabelle several refugees have come to tell her of?
(a) Sebastien and Mimi are living across the border in the Dominican Republic
(b) The accidental deaths of Sebastien and Mimi
(c) Sebastien has married another woman
(d) The murders of Sebastien and Mimi

2. Which of the following is NOT a detail Juana tells Senora Valencia about her mother?
(a) She treated Juana and Luis like friends
(b) She was a kind, gentle woman
(c) She died giving birth to Senora Valencia
(d) She was once shy, but became bolder when she got married

3. What do the travelers smell burning when they awake?
(a) Sugar cane
(b) Human bodies
(c) Houses
(d) Wood

4. What are the people of Dajabon celebrating?
(a) Their victory over the Haitians
(b) Christmas
(c) The Dominican independence
(d) Generalissimo Trujillo

5. Where do the cane workers and their families gather in the evenings?
(a) At Sebastien's hut
(b) Around the fire pit in their camp
(c) At Mercedes' food stand
(d) At the creek

6. Why does Wilner discourage the travelers from lighting fires?
(a) The smoke will draw attention to their camp
(b) They will waste precious matches
(c) The light will allow them to be seen
(d) Fire will give them hope they will make it to the border

7. What shape did Amabelle's father always make her Christmas lanterns?
(a) Monuments
(b) Kites
(c) Little girl
(d) Christmas trees

8. How does Amabelle plan on crossing the border?
(a) By showing her papers to the guards at the border
(b) During the night with the help of a man who does this for a living
(c) By calling upon Senor Pico to grant her permission to cross
(d) During the night with Yves' help

9. Who does Amabelle see for the first time in years during the celebration following Trujillo's death?
(a) Papi
(b) Dr. Javier
(c) Father Romain
(d) Sebastien

10. What does Amabelle say would help her properly mourn Sebastien's death?
(a) Having some part of him in Haiti
(b) Seeing his dead body
(c) Being able to bury his body
(d) Knowing he was actually dead

11. Why is the man driving the truck able to sneak Amabelle across the border?
(a) He is a government official
(b) The government owes him favors for helping in the revolution
(c) He hides her under his crates of vegetables
(d) He pays off the guards at each checkpoint

12. What is different about the homes in Alegria when Amabelle visits years later?
(a) They are now owned by Haitians
(b) They are protected by high walls and guards
(c) They are more open and inviting
(d) They were destroyed during the revolution

13. Who digs the grave for Rafi's baby clothes?
(a) Senor Pico
(b) Papi
(c) Dr. Javier
(d) Luis

14. What did Senora Valencia do during the massacre to honor Amabelle?
(a) She painted a picture of her to hang in her home
(b) She searched the countryside for her friend
(c) She hid several Haitian immigrants in her home
(d) She gave birth to a child and named her Amabelle

15. What does the Massacre River mark for the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
(a) The water source for the two nations
(b) The border between the two nations
(c) The place where too many people died
(d) A point of contention between the two nations

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Amabelle repeat Sebastien's name over and over?

2. Why does Man Rapadou feed Amabelle pumpkin soup?

3. What does Papi spend time doing after his grandson dies?

4. How does Senora Valencia first react when Amabelle comes to visit her?

5. What main town do the travelers reach first?

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