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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following ideas is NOT part of the Generalissimo's speech broadcasted on the radio?
(a) Today's leaders must help ensure the nation is free
(b) Those who are independent must carry out justice
(c) All men must fulfill their military duties
(d) Workers are revered

2. What does Amabelle do for several days after arriving at the clinic?
(a) Search for Sebastien
(b) Suffer in pain
(c) Cry
(d) Sleep

3. What does Senora Valencia ask Juana to do to soothe her into sleep?
(a) Place the baby girl in bed with her
(b) Tell her stories of Haiti
(c) Tell her stories of her mother
(d) Stroke her hand

4. Which of the travelers is killed by the mob in Dajabon?
(a) Tibon
(b) Sebastien
(c) Yves
(d) Odette

5. What news does Man Denise tell Amabelle several refugees have come to tell her of?
(a) The murders of Sebastien and Mimi
(b) Sebastien and Mimi are living across the border in the Dominican Republic
(c) The accidental deaths of Sebastien and Mimi
(d) Sebastien has married another woman

6. Why does Amabelle visit Man Denise's house on a daily basis?
(a) She is trying to pass the time until Sebastien returns
(b) She wants to ask her for permission to marry Sebastien
(c) She wants to pay her respects to the woman
(d) She is watching for Sebastien to return

7. What does Senora Valencia do with her son's body that is unexpected?
(a) She allows no one to view it
(b) She allows visitors to view it
(c) She spends all of her time holding it
(d) She refuses to allow him to be buried

8. Why does Amabelle visit Kongo?
(a) To make sure he is dealing with Joel's death
(b) To deliver wood for Joel's coffin
(c) To tell him Papi would like to speak with him
(d) To tell him Senor Pico killed Joel

9. Which of the following is NOT a detail Juana tells Senora Valencia about her mother?
(a) She was a kind, gentle woman
(b) She died giving birth to Senora Valencia
(c) She was once shy, but became bolder when she got married
(d) She treated Juana and Luis like friends

10. Where do Yves and Amabelle plan to go when they leave the clinic?
(a) Sebastien's mother's house
(b) Back to Alegria to look for Sebastien and Mimi
(c) Yves' mother's house
(d) Amabelle's family land

11. Where does Amabelle promise Sebastien she will visit?
(a) Alegria
(b) The cane fields where they met
(c) The cave where they first made love
(d) His mother's home

12. Where does Amabelle ask the truck driver to leave her?
(a) Near the waterfall
(b) At the spot where Sebastien was killed
(c) At Senora Valencia's home
(d) Near the guardhouse at the border

13. What is different about the homes in Alegria when Amabelle visits years later?
(a) They are protected by high walls and guards
(b) They are more open and inviting
(c) They are now owned by Haitians
(d) They were destroyed during the revolution

14. Why does Man Rapadou feed Amabelle pumpkin soup?
(a) It is known to increase fertility
(b) It is known as a good luck food
(c) Amabelle is unable to eat solid food because of her injuries
(d) Pumpkins have healing powers

15. What does Juana prepare in honor of Rosalinda's baptism?
(a) A baptismal gown
(b) Decorations
(c) An altar
(d) A feast

Short Answer Questions

1. What risk is Amabelle taking at the end of the novel by wading into the river?

2. How has Father Romain changed since Amabelle last saw him?

3. What does Amabelle want in place of compensation?

4. How does Senora Valencia first react when Amabelle comes to visit her?

5. What do the travelers smell burning when they awake?

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