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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Amabelle have difficulty finding the stream and cave when she visits Alegria?
(a) She cannot find a guide to take her there
(b) She cannot remember where they are located
(c) She stream has dried up because of a drought
(d) She is disoriented by the changes in the town

2. How does the Generalissimo plan to compensate the injured and dead Haitians?
(a) By allowing those alive to re-enter the country
(b) He refuses to compensate them because he does not believe he is responsible.
(c) With small monetary payments
(d) By providing them with land to farm on

3. Why is the man driving the truck able to sneak Amabelle across the border?
(a) He is a government official
(b) He pays off the guards at each checkpoint
(c) He hides her under his crates of vegetables
(d) The government owes him favors for helping in the revolution

4. What strikes Amabelle as she witnesses a woman having her leg amputated?
(a) A drop of her own blood
(b) The doctor's hand
(c) A drop of the woman's blood
(d) The woman's leg

5. What has happened to Yves' farm over the years since he has returned to Haiti?
(a) It has gone through both prosperous and difficult periods
(b) It has grown and prospered
(c) It has become the number one producer of beans
(d) It failed forcing him to find other work

6. What shape did Amabelle's father always make her Christmas lanterns?
(a) Monuments
(b) Christmas trees
(c) Little girl
(d) Kites

7. What shocks Amabelle about Man Rapadou's storytelling?
(a) She remembers every detail of every event
(b) It sounds as if she is reciting poetry
(c) She is able to laugh at sad stories
(d) It is highly detailed

8. What sight in the deserted village does Yves conceal from the others?
(a) The hanging bodies of the villagers
(b) The papers of Haitian traders
(c) The large stores of food
(d) The buckets of water

9. Who does Senor Pico nearly kill as he practices shooting with Senora Valencia?
(a) Amabelle
(b) Papi
(c) Dr. Javier
(d) Rosalinda

10. When Amabelle dreams of her mother, what does she picture the woman wearing?
(a) A dress made of river water
(b) Her wedding dress
(c) The clothes she was wearing the day she died
(d) A dress made of glass

11. Where does Man Denise leave for?
(a) Dajabon
(b) Port au Prince
(c) Alegria
(d) Cap Haitien

12. What does the Massacre River mark for the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
(a) The water source for the two nations
(b) A point of contention between the two nations
(c) The border between the two nations
(d) The place where too many people died

13. Where does Amabelle ask the truck driver to leave her?
(a) Near the waterfall
(b) Near the guardhouse at the border
(c) At the spot where Sebastien was killed
(d) At Senora Valencia's home

14. What has Amabelle wondered about her parents' deaths for years?
(a) What they were trying to signal to her as they washed away
(b) Why she did not die also
(c) What they wanted her to remember about them
(d) Why they chose to wade into the raging waters

15. Who does Tibon say is rumored to be waiting for the Haitians at the border?
(a) The Dominican army
(b) Their families
(c) The Generalissimo
(d) God

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Yves give Amabelle that makes her hopeful Sebastien and Mimi were able to cross the river?

2. What does Senora Valencia do with her son's body that is unexpected?

3. Why does Amabelle usher Senora Valencia back into the house as the soldiers arrive in the valley?

4. Where does Amabelle visit that she was afraid of going as a child?

5. Who does Papi go to visit when he takes a walk to escape Senor Pico?

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