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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following people does Amabelle NOT secure passage to Haiti for?
(a) Herself
(b) Mimi
(c) Sebastien
(d) Juana

2. What does the Massacre River mark for the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
(a) The water source for the two nations
(b) A point of contention between the two nations
(c) The border between the two nations
(d) The place where too many people died

3. Where do the cane workers and their families gather in the evenings?
(a) At Mercedes' food stand
(b) At the creek
(c) Around the fire pit in their camp
(d) At Sebastien's hut

4. What does Juana prepare in honor of Rosalinda's baptism?
(a) A baptismal gown
(b) A feast
(c) Decorations
(d) An altar

5. What does Senora Valencia ask Juana to do to soothe her into sleep?
(a) Stroke her hand
(b) Tell her stories of Haiti
(c) Place the baby girl in bed with her
(d) Tell her stories of her mother

6. What does Kongo give Amabelle as a gift?
(a) Joel's bracelet
(b) A mask of Joel
(c) A ring
(d) A mask of her face

7. Why does Amabelle visit Man Denise's house on a daily basis?
(a) She wants to ask her for permission to marry Sebastien
(b) She is trying to pass the time until Sebastien returns
(c) She wants to pay her respects to the woman
(d) She is watching for Sebastien to return

8. How has Father Romain changed since Amabelle last saw him?
(a) He is now insane
(b) He is now at peace
(c) He is now disoriented and sickly
(d) He is now angry and frustrated

9. Why is the man driving the truck able to sneak Amabelle across the border?
(a) He is a government official
(b) He pays off the guards at each checkpoint
(c) The government owes him favors for helping in the revolution
(d) He hides her under his crates of vegetables

10. What are the people of Dajabon celebrating?
(a) Generalissimo Trujillo
(b) The Dominican independence
(c) Their victory over the Haitians
(d) Christmas

11. What torture does Tibon escape that many other Haitian immigrants did not?
(a) Being driven off of a cliff
(b) Being drawn and quartered
(c) The firing squad
(d) Being forced off of a cliff

12. How does Amabelle react when she sees the waterfall again?
(a) She grows angry at Valencia for taking her to wrong waterfall
(b) She is surprised at how deep it is and is unsure it is the right one
(c) She breaks down in tears for Sebastien
(d) She is numbed by pain

13. What shocks Amabelle about Man Rapadou's storytelling?
(a) It is highly detailed
(b) She is able to laugh at sad stories
(c) She remembers every detail of every event
(d) It sounds as if she is reciting poetry

14. What has Amabelle wondered about her parents' deaths for years?
(a) Why they chose to wade into the raging waters
(b) What they wanted her to remember about them
(c) What they were trying to signal to her as they washed away
(d) Why she did not die also

15. According to a nun at the clinic, who has been asking about Amabelle?
(a) Juana
(b) Dr. Javier
(c) Sebastien
(d) Yves

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Yves and Amabelle plan to go when they leave the clinic?

2. What does Papi spend time doing after his grandson dies?

3. What does Amabelle say would help her properly mourn Sebastien's death?

4. What does Amabelle do for several days after arriving at the clinic?

5. What does a woman in Cap Haitian give Amabelle to help ease her pain?

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