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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a woman in Cap Haitian give Amabelle to help ease her pain?
(a) A talisman
(b) A crucifix
(c) Liquor
(d) An orange

2. What has happened to Yves' farm over the years since he has returned to Haiti?
(a) It failed forcing him to find other work
(b) It has gone through both prosperous and difficult periods
(c) It has become the number one producer of beans
(d) It has grown and prospered

3. Why does Amabelle usher Senora Valencia back into the house as the soldiers arrive in the valley?
(a) Amabelle does not want the soldiers to take her away from Senora Valencia
(b) Senora Valencia becomes hysterical
(c) Amabelle fears for Senora Valencia's safety
(d) Senora Valencia has begun bleeding

4. Where does Amabelle visit that she was afraid of going as a child?
(a) To the top of the citidel
(b) To her family's land
(c) To the river
(d) To Sebastien's mother's home

5. Where does Man Denise leave for?
(a) Port au Prince
(b) Dajabon
(c) Alegria
(d) Cap Haitien

6. What does Amabelle want in place of compensation?
(a) Information about Sebastien and Mimi
(b) To see Senora Valencia again
(c) Sebastien to return to Haiti
(d) Treatment for her injuries

7. Where did the Generalissimo work as a young man?
(a) In the cane fields
(b) In the Dominican army
(c) In Senora Valencia's home
(d) In a Haitian farm

8. What do the people in the clinic share stories of?
(a) The deaths of their parents
(b) The slaughter of Haitian immigrants that they witnessed
(c) Their former lives in the Dominican Republic
(d) The happier times in the past

9. What has Amabelle wondered about her parents' deaths for years?
(a) Why she did not die also
(b) What they were trying to signal to her as they washed away
(c) Why they chose to wade into the raging waters
(d) What they wanted her to remember about them

10. Why did Man Denise name her son after Saint Sebastien?
(a) Because he was given two deaths
(b) Because he appeared holy from birth
(c) Because he was the patron saint of cane workers
(d) Because she believed he would be protected by the saint's spirit

11. What does Yves tell Amabelle is missing from the record books of the slaughter being kept by the church?
(a) The Generalissimo's name
(b) Information about Odette and Wilmer
(c) Information about Sebastien and Mimi
(d) The torture Yves and Amabelle endured

12. Why does Man Rapadou feed Amabelle pumpkin soup?
(a) Amabelle is unable to eat solid food because of her injuries
(b) It is known to increase fertility
(c) Pumpkins have healing powers
(d) It is known as a good luck food

13. How do the residents of Cap Haitien react when they receive news of Trujillo's death?
(a) They celebrate in the streets
(b) They celebrate in private for fear of being arrested
(c) They mourn the great leader's death
(d) They grow anxious about who will be the next leader of the nation

14. Why does Wilner discourage the travelers from lighting fires?
(a) They will waste precious matches
(b) The light will allow them to be seen
(c) The smoke will draw attention to their camp
(d) Fire will give them hope they will make it to the border

15. What warning does Dr. Javier bring to Amabelle?
(a) She must leave immediately because Haitian immigrants are being killed
(b) All Haitian immigrants are being deported
(c) Sebastien is wanted by the militia
(d) She must leave immediately because Senor Pico is planning to have her killed

Short Answer Questions

1. According to a nun at the clinic, who has been asking about Amabelle?

2. What does Amabelle say would help her properly mourn Sebastien's death?

3. What does Kongo give Amabelle as a gift?

4. Where does Amabelle ask the truck driver to leave her?

5. How does being called "Man Amabelle" effect Amabelle?

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