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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Senora Valencia ask Pico to bring Amabelle to her the evening after the birth of her children?
(a) She wants to thank her for helping her give birth
(b) She wants to ask her to stay in the house for the night
(c) She wants to ask her for help taking care of the children
(d) She wants her to bathe the children

2. Who does Papi ask Amabelle to take him to see?
(a) Don Carlos
(b) Sebastien
(c) Don Gilbert
(d) Kongo

3. What is unusual about Beatriz?
(a) She only speaks Latin to herself
(b) She is Dr. Javier's only sister
(c) She visits Senora Valencia even though she is married to Pico
(d) She visits patients with Dr. Javier

4. Why is it ironic to Juana that Senora Valencia has twins?
(a) Her mother looked like she was having twins when she had Valencia
(b) Juana always wanted to have twins
(c) Her mother always dreamed Valencia would have twins
(d) Twins are a sign of good luck

5. Why is Senora Valencia surprised when the first baby is born?
(a) The baby's skin color is much darker than her own
(b) It is a girl and she expected to have a boy
(c) It is a boy and she expected to have a girl
(d) She wanted Dr. Javier to deliver the baby

6. Why doesn't Senora Valencia name her son immediately?
(a) She wants her husband to name him
(b) She cannot think of a proper name for him
(c) She wants her father to name him
(d) She is concerned he will not survive

7. Why was Amabelle jealous of the people her father helped?
(a) He was kinder to those people than to his daughter
(b) They received more of his time than his daughter did
(c) Her father loved them more than he loved her
(d) They received more of his money than his family did

8. How long has Sebastien been working as sugar cane worker?
(a) 10 years
(b) 14 years
(c) 4 years
(d) 1 year

9. Why are the Haitian immigrant children born in the Dominican Republic not able to attend "proper schools?"
(a) They do not speak Spanish
(b) They are not Christians. Only Christians can attend the top schools
(c) The government will not give them the papers they need to enroll
(d) Their skin color prevents them from being accepted into these schools

10. What should have been a warning to Amabelle's father that it was too dangerous to cross the river?
(a) The levee was eroded
(b) The water was above his head
(c) It had rained earlier that day
(d) The river rats were afraid to cross

11. Where does Sebastien work?
(a) In a sugar factory
(b) In the sugar cane fields
(c) In the corn fields
(d) In the same home as the narrator

12. Why is Senora Valencia concerned when she goes into labor?
(a) It is two months before her due date
(b) Her husband is away
(c) The doctor may not be able to get there fast enough
(d) She is afraid of the pain of childbirth

13. Who does Juana insist Papi take with him when he goes to notify Pico of the children's births?
(a) Dr. Javier
(b) Luis
(c) Sebastien
(d) Amabelle

14. What sound always makes Sebastien homesick?
(a) Sugar cane stalks being cut
(b) Pigeons cooing
(c) Amabelle's voice
(d) Mockingbirds singing

15. What does Papi listen to on the radio at night?
(a) News of the Dominican war for independence
(b) Spanish music
(c) Political speeches
(d) News of the Spanish civil war

Short Answer Questions

1. Who had Pico courted before Senora Valencia?

2. What does the narrator have recurrent nightmares about?

3. Where are Senora Valencia's ancestors from?

4. What does Papi raise as his hobby?

5. How long has Amabelle worked for Senora Valencia's family?

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