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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Kongo disapprove of Joel and Felice's relationship?
(a) Felice came from a poor family
(b) She was not beautiful enough for Joel
(c) Her grandfather had stolen a chicken from Kongo
(d) Her father had stolen a chicken from Kongo

2. Where do the cane workers bathe before work?
(a) In their huts
(b) In the stream
(c) In the rain
(d) In a communal bathtub

3. What does Amabelle wish she could remember from her past when she is helping Senora Valencia give birth?
(a) Her mother's advice
(b) The process of delivering a baby
(c) Her own birth
(d) Herbal pain remedies her parents used

4. What does Pico do as soon as he arrives home?
(a) He asks Amabelle to make him dinner
(b) He bathes and changes his clothes
(c) He rushes to see Papi
(d) He rushes to see Valencia and his children

5. What profession does the narrator hold?
(a) She is a domestic worker
(b) She is a midwife
(c) She is a sugar cane harvester
(d) She is a nurse

6. Who does Senora Valencia name her daughter in honor of?
(a) Her mother
(b) Amabelle
(c) Her husband
(d) Her grandmother

7. What alerts Amabelle that the baby will be born before Dr. Javier arrives?
(a) She sees the child's head in the birth canal
(b) Senora Valencia begins bleeding
(c) Senora Valencia's contractions grow stronger
(d) She sees the umbilical cord in the birth canal

8. Where is Senora Valencia's house located?
(a) In Guatemala
(b) In Alamandia
(c) In Alegria
(d) In Haiti

9. Senora Valencia's last statement to Amabelle can be seen as an example of...
(a) Covert racism
(b) Criticism
(c) Cvert racism
(d) Appreciation

10. Who does Dona Sabine gesture to to come into her home?
(a) Kongo
(b) Felice
(c) Unel
(d) Amabelle

11. Who stays with Senora Valencia the night after the children are born?
(a) Pico
(b) Juana
(c) Amabelle
(d) One of Pico's female cousins

12. How does Mimi say she hopes to die?
(a) In a violent way like Joel
(b) Suddenly when she is not expecting it
(c) In her sleep
(d) Of natural causes after a long life

13. What does Beatriz find Papi writing?
(a) A letter to the Generalissimo
(b) His autobiography
(c) A letter to his daughter
(d) His will

14. What is Sebastien's bracelet made of?
(a) Sugar cane juice
(b) Coffee beans
(c) Sugar cane stalks
(d) Goat bones

15. Why does Amabelle become upset when Mimi refers to Beatriz by only her first name?
(a) She is not allowed to call Senora Valencia by her first name
(b) She sees it as a sign of disrespect
(c) She believes it is un-Christian to do so
(d) She knows it would anger Beatriz to be referred to by her first name

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Amabelle come to work for Senora Valencia's family?

2. How have Sebastien's hands become scarred?

3. Who does Sebastien's sister Mimi work for?

4. What vocation was Juana preparing for when she met Luis?

5. Why is it ironic to Juana that Senora Valencia has twins?

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