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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the man Pico killed with his car?
(a) Kongo
(b) Joel
(c) Sebastien
(d) Luis

2. What plant did the Haitian immigrants use to bathe with?
(a) Parsley
(b) Coffee
(c) Aloe
(d) Sugar cane

3. Why does Amabelle become upset when Mimi refers to Beatriz by only her first name?
(a) She knows it would anger Beatriz to be referred to by her first name
(b) She is not allowed to call Senora Valencia by her first name
(c) She sees it as a sign of disrespect
(d) She believes it is un-Christian to do so

4. Why is Senora Valencia concerned about having Dr. Javier deliver her baby?
(a) She does not want him to see her completely naked
(b) She does not want him to see her in pain
(c) She does not have confidence in his ability to deliver babies
(d) She does not want a man present when the children are born

5. What does Amabelle say she admired most about her mother?
(a) Her kindness
(b) Her seriousness
(c) Her tranquility
(d) Her tenacity

6. Where are Sebastien and Amabelle from originally?
(a) The southern part of Haiti
(b) The Dominican Republic
(c) Spain
(d) The northern part of Haiti

7. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways the narrator characterizes Sebastien?
(a) Gentle
(b) Strong
(c) Handsome
(d) Moody

8. Where did Amabelle often sleep when she was a young girl?
(a) With Senora Valencia in her canopy bed
(b) On a cot in Senora Valencia's room
(c) Outside of Senora Valencia's room
(d) In a room with Juana, the housemaid

9. According to Sebastien, why does Kongo take Joel's body away before others can see him?
(a) He doesn't want Senor Pico to punish him for burying his son
(b) He doesn't want to draw attention to his son's death
(c) He wishes to be left alone with his son
(d) He wants to take him to a sacred burial place

10. Where do the cane workers bathe before work?
(a) In their huts
(b) In a communal bathtub
(c) In the stream
(d) In the rain

11. Why does the narrator prefer her shadow to other children?
(a) Her shadow never refuses to play the games she wants to play
(b) Her shadow cannot talk to her as other children can
(c) Her shadow makes her feel less lonely than other children
(d) Her shadow cannot leave her alone

12. Why does Sebastien insist that the narrator take off her uniform?
(a) It is hot and itchy
(b) It represents her past in Haiti
(c) It represents the image her employers have of her
(d) It needs to be washed

13. What did Amabelle's mother give her to help her feel better when she was sick with a fever?
(a) Herbal medicine
(b) A doll
(c) Hugs and kisses
(d) A talisman

14. Who had Pico courted before Senora Valencia?
(a) Amabelle
(b) Dr. Javier's sister
(c) Dr. Javier's daughter
(d) Juana

15. Who is the narrator?
(a) Amabelle
(b) Sebastien
(c) Senor Pico
(d) Senora Valencia

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "farming of the bones"?

2. What does Papi listen to on the radio at night?

3. Why does Amabelle believe her mother did not show her much affection?

4. What does Pico do as soon as he arrives home?

5. What does Amabelle notice pinned to Dr. Javier's shirt collar?

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