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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Juana insist Papi take with him when he goes to notify Pico of the children's births?
(a) Amabelle
(b) Luis
(c) Dr. Javier
(d) Sebastien

2. Why does Senora Valencia ask Amabelle to light a candle after the babies are born?
(a) To honor the Virgin Mary
(b) It is now night
(c) To be able to see the children better
(d) To alert her husband that the babies have arrived

3. What is the "farming of the bones"?
(a) Milling sugar
(b) Coffee harvesting
(c) Burying the dead
(d) Sugar cane harvesting

4. What does Amabelle notice about Dona Sabine's home that makes her concerned "another Yanki invasion was coming?"
(a) Military guards at the gate
(b) Felice is now working for Dona Sabine
(c) Many more people working for her family than usual
(d) A wall built around her home to keep the Haitians out

5. Who is Senora Valencia's husband named after?
(a) The Generalissimo
(b) A mountain
(c) The president of the Dominican Republic
(d) A leader in the Dominican independence movement

6. Why is Senora Valencia concerned about having Dr. Javier deliver her baby?
(a) She does not want a man present when the children are born
(b) She does not want him to see her completely naked
(c) She does not want him to see her in pain
(d) She does not have confidence in his ability to deliver babies

7. Why is it ironic to Juana that Senora Valencia has twins?
(a) Juana always wanted to have twins
(b) Twins are a sign of good luck
(c) Her mother looked like she was having twins when she had Valencia
(d) Her mother always dreamed Valencia would have twins

8. What sound always makes Sebastien homesick?
(a) Mockingbirds singing
(b) Pigeons cooing
(c) Amabelle's voice
(d) Sugar cane stalks being cut

9. How have Sebastien's hands become scarred?
(a) Escaping from the Dominican Republic
(b) Working in the sugar factory
(c) Cutting sugar cane stalks
(d) Building his home

10. Which of the following is NOT a piece of advice Amabelle gives Senora Valencia to help ease the pain of childbirth?
(a) Pray to the Virgin Mary for strength
(b) The child will be hers forever once she gives birth to him/her
(c) The pain will be only a bit more than being stung by a wasp
(d) Breathe freely

11. Why does Sebastien insist on remaining in the dark while with the narrator?
(a) He is embarrassed by the scars on his hands and face
(b) He wants her to learn to trust him even when she cannot see him
(c) He wants her to know only his voice
(d) He doesn't want the neighbors to know he is there

12. What does the narrator fear will happen if Sebastien leaves her alone?
(a) She will cease to exist
(b) She will be attacked
(c) She will be unable to sleep
(d) She will be lonely

13. How does Luis characterize the drive from the army base home?
(a) Angering
(b) Too fast
(c) Exciting
(d) Exhausting

14. How did Amabelle know how to help Senora Valencia give birth?
(a) She observed her mother giving birth to her sibilings
(b) She observed her parents who were herb healers deliver babies
(c) She observed Dr. Javier deliver babies
(d) She was trained as a midwife in Haiti

15. What did Amabelle's family cross the river to buy on the day they were killed?
(a) A cooking pot
(b) Vegetables
(c) A stove
(d) Healing herbs

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the narrator's father caution her against playing with her shadow?

2. Where do the cane workers bathe before work?

3. Why is Senora Valencia surprised when the first baby is born?

4. Who does Senora Valencia tell Amabelle she had her light a candle for?

5. Why are the Haitian immigrant children born in the Dominican Republic not able to attend "proper schools?"

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