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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 33-36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following ideas is NOT part of the Generalissimo's speech broadcasted on the radio?
(a) Those who are independent must carry out justice
(b) Workers are revered
(c) Today's leaders must help ensure the nation is free
(d) All men must fulfill their military duties

2. When Sebastien is talking in his sleep, what does he tell Amabelle he wants to do?
(a) Marry her
(b) Go back to Haiti
(c) Give her a red satin ribbon
(d) Fly a kite

3. What position does Pico hope to hold one day?
(a) President of the Dominican Republic
(b) Army commander
(c) General in the army
(d) President of Haiti

4. Why does Wilner discourage the travelers from lighting fires?
(a) Fire will give them hope they will make it to the border
(b) They will waste precious matches
(c) The smoke will draw attention to their camp
(d) The light will allow them to be seen

5. What is the "farming of the bones"?
(a) Sugar cane harvesting
(b) Coffee harvesting
(c) Milling sugar
(d) Burying the dead

Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion does Amabelle see in Luis' face as he watches Pico, Valencia and the babies together?

2. Why does Senora Valencia ask Pico to bring Amabelle to her the evening after the birth of her children?

3. Why did Man Denise name her son after Saint Sebastien?

4. What details about the babies' births does Dr. Javier ask Amabelle for?

5. Why does the narrator prefer her shadow to other children?

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