The Farming of Bones Character Descriptions

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Amabelle Desir - This character is orphaned at a young age when her parents drown in the river between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as they try to cross over to attend a market on the far side. When Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo begins a genocidal campaign against all Haitians in his country, this character must flee for her life.

Don Ignacio - This character is a wealthy Dominican landowner, Valencia's father. This character was born in Spain, and constantly looks back to his lost homeland.

Doctor Javier - An intense, educated man, this character admires Amabelle's intelligence and determination and invites her to work in a clinic in Haiti.

Kongo - An old mask maker and carpenter, whose true name is unknown. This character's son is struck and killed by Pico Duarte's car.

Sebastien Onius - This character is Amabelle's lover and works in Don...

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