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Chapter 1

• Sebastien tells the narrator to take off her clothes and be just herself, without the uniform "they" make her wear in the house of Senora Valencia and Senor Pico.

• Amabelle is afraid to be without Sebastien and believes that she does not exist when she is not with him.

• When Amabelle awakes in the morning Sebastien has gone to the fields. Amabelle can still feel his presence.

• Amabelle remembers how as a child, to relieve the loneliness of being without brothers and sisters, she made a playmate of her own shadow.

Chapter 2

• Amabelle is sewing a shirt for Sebastien when she hears the screams of Senora Valencia. Amabelle runs through the house to the Senora's bedroom to find her in labor.

• Don Ignacio, Valencia's father rushes to fetch the doctor.

• Being alone in the bedroom with the Senora reminds Amabelle of their girlhood together when they would...

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