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Short Answer Questions

1. Frederic's situation in the train proves that in times of war, it helps a soldier to:

2. Frederic and Catherine's relationship continues to be:

3. When Frederic finally finds Catherine, Helen's immediate reaction can be described as:

4. When he realizes he is in trouble, Frederic:

5. Who shoots the already wounded soldier with the purpose to kill him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast Gino's attitude toward patriotism with Frederic's attitude.

2. Why does the couple relocate to Lausanne?

3. Discuss the continued symbolism of water for both Frederic and Catherine.

4. What do you think Frederic would say in a letter to Catherine if he were to write one at this point? What might he describe?

5. Discuss the change in Hemingway's writing style, and what does this change denote?

6. Describe Helen Ferguson as a character.

7. What advice does the Count give to Frederic about aging?

8. What major decision does Frederic resolve in his mind on his train trip to Milan? Is he sure of his decision?

9. Would you trust your friends or people who offer to help you if you were in Frederic's situation?

10. Although seemingly content in his new life, what issue remains troubling to Frederic in Chapter 38?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hemingway has a distinct writing style. First, describe Hemingway's writing style. Then consider the following:

1 - Why do you think Hemingway writes in such a manner, presenting the story from the perspective he does?;

2 - What other writing style does Hemingway employ? When does he use this style and why?;

3 - How can an author's choice of writing style affect the tone, mood, and intensity of a novel?

Essay Topic 2

The callous reality of war is portrayed in this novel. There are several examples in this novel where "reality" is countered with "dreams."

1 - Discuss the accounts of when dreams conflicted with harsh reality for Catherine and Frederic.

2 - Why do you think the characters seemed to fall back on "dreams" to help them face reality?

3 - How do you face a harsh reality?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 32, Frederic decides he is done with the army. In this chapter, one can perceive Frederic as the protagonist and "war" as the antagonist. This was discussed during this lesson. Considering the end of the novel, is Frederic, our protagonist, the typical hero? Do you think he perceives himself as a hero? Why do you think Hemingway chose to portray his protagonist as having such a self-perception?

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