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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Catherine's awareness of the severity of the situation is apparent when she comments how life _______________ if she were not pregnant:
(a) would be perfect
(b) would be less adventerous
(c) would be simpler
(d) would be less confusing

2. Frederic and the Count engage in a meaningful discussion about:
(a) the war and newspapers
(b) books and death
(c) love and life lessons
(d) life and death

3. Which statement best describes Catherine's mood as they travel?
(a) She is energetic, yet pessimistic.
(b) She is cheerful and optimistic.
(c) She is exhausted and fearful.
(d) She is cheerful, yet apprehensive.

4. Frederic takes a train to ______________ to find Catherine.
(a) Gorizia
(b) Trieste
(c) Venice
(d) Stresa

5. Which character is excellent at billiards and asks Frederic to play a game?
(a) Rinaldi
(b) Fergy
(c) Count Greffi
(d) the bartender

Short Answer Questions

1. Frederic proves his high level of intellect and common sense in Chapter 30 when:

2. The army boots dragging Frederic down in the river is ___________ of how the army is also dragging him down.

3. A change in Catherine's behavior in Chapter 40 is that. . .

4. These two men finally reach Udine:

5. During the retreat, Frederic's group picks up. . .

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Frederic's goodbye to Catherine "fitting" considering his love for her? Why or why not?

2. Why does the couple relocate to Lausanne?

3. Describe the difference between life in the Swiss chalet and the life the couple led before coming to Switzerland.

4. Do you think Frederic's morale was affected by being ordered to retreat? Do you think the Italian soldiers' morale was affected? If yes, how so?

5. Why do you think Catherine suggests that the baby will "come between them"?

6. Contrast Gino's attitude toward patriotism with Frederic's attitude.

7. Summarize the discussion between Frederic and the bartender regarding news of the war.

8. Describe Frederic's reaction to the birth of his son.

9. Does Frederic's killing of one of the soldiers make him more or less of a leader?

10. Discuss the symbolism of water in the novel so far.

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