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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic states that this commodity cannot win a war, but can certainly lose one.
(a) passion
(b) weapons
(c) ammunition
(d) food

2. Count Greffi provides Frederic with this advice about growing older.
(a) People do not grow wiser, they grow more careful
(b) People care about growing wise
(c) People grow more wary as they grow wiser
(d) People gain wisdom through great care

3. A change in Catherine's behavior in Chapter 40 is that. . .
(a) she exercises more.
(b) she complains more.
(c) she eats more.
(d) she stays in bed more.

4. Frederic borrows ____________ from his singer friend.
(a) a new uniform
(b) a compass
(c) a map
(d) a set of civilian clothes

5. Catherine _________ Frederic's beard.
(a) likes
(b) loathes
(c) ignores
(d) laments

Short Answer Questions

1. Frederic proves his high level of intellect and common sense in Chapter 30 when:

2. Catherine is concerned that the new baby will:

3. Frederic and Catherine obtain ________ at the border town.

4. Travel in town becomes difficult because of:

5. After the attack, the men are ordered to:

Short Essay Questions

1. Should Frederic's actions at the end of the retreat be described as honorable or as cowardly?

2. What is the significance of the couple feeling hurried by the end of the pregnancy?

3. What challenges are posed to Frederic and Catherine in Chapter 36?

4. Discuss the symbolism of water in the novel so far.

5. Why do you think Catherine suggests that the baby will "come between them"?

6. How does the porter know that Frederic and Catherine are not just going out for a normal walk? What evidence supports his inference?

7. Describe the difference between life in the Swiss chalet and the life the couple led before coming to Switzerland.

8. What is the significance of Frederic's actions when he emerges from the river?

9. What do we learn from Frederic's dream involving Catherine?

10. Do you think Frederic's morale was affected by being ordered to retreat? Do you think the Italian soldiers' morale was affected? If yes, how so?

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