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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic's actions toward his jacket in Chapter 31 signify. . .
(a) he is slowly going crazy.
(b) he wants to protect himself.
(c) he is done with the army.
(d) he is ashamed of his officer status.

2. These two men finally reach Udine:
(a) Frederic and Bonello
(b) Bonello and Piani
(c) Frederic and Piani
(d) Frederic and Aymo

3. These are two obstacles Frederic faces while in the river.
(a) strong current and heavy boots
(b) icy water and heavy boots
(c) heavy equipment and fatigue
(d) icy water and aching muscles

4. As Catherine's labor progresses and worsens, Catherine is described as:
(a) yelling at Frederic
(b) going to pieces
(c) being very alert
(d) staying strong

5. Frederic departs the train in:
(a) Abruzzi
(b) Milan
(c) Venice
(d) Trieste

Short Answer Questions

1. Catherine's plan to help Frederic during their night journey is to:

2. Count Greffi provides Frederic with this advice about growing older.

3. Catherine's thoughts on marriage are that. . .

4. In Chapter 29, another obstacle that arises for the group is they. . .

5. Travel in town becomes difficult because of:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Helen Ferguson as a character.

2. Although seemingly content in his new life, what issue remains troubling to Frederic in Chapter 38?

3. How does the porter know that Frederic and Catherine are not just going out for a normal walk? What evidence supports his inference?

4. Why do you think Catherine suggests that the baby will "come between them"?

5. Do you think people secretly helping fugitives, like the man behind the counter in the cafe, were the exception or the norm at this time?

6. What major decision does Frederic resolve in his mind on his train trip to Milan? Is he sure of his decision?

7. How has the relationship between Catherine and Frederic matured?

8. What is the significance of the couple feeling hurried by the end of the pregnancy?

9. What challenges are posed to Frederic and Catherine in Chapter 36?

10. Summarize the discussion between Frederic and the bartender regarding news of the war.

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