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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 32, Frederic decides for sure that he. . .
(a) really needs to see Catherine.
(b) is ready to be a father.
(c) is done with the army.
(d) is ready to go home.

2. In Chapter 29, another obstacle that arises for the group is they. . .
(a) realize they are lost.
(b) get stuck in the mud.
(c) are divided in opinion as to what to do next.
(d) are discovered in the farmhouse.

3. Travel in town becomes difficult because of:
(a) snow
(b) slush
(c) heat
(d) rain

4. Catherine and Frederic describe the pregnancy as something that is:
(a) frightening them
(b) hurrying them
(c) driving them apart
(d) smothering their love

5. Frederic departs the train in:
(a) Venice
(b) Abruzzi
(c) Trieste
(d) Milan

Short Answer Questions

1. While under the tarps, Frederic imagines. . .

2. Once on foot, where do the women head?

3. At the car, what is odd about the behavior of the two soldiers that joined Frederic's group?

4. Frederic's actions toward his jacket in Chapter 31 signify. . .

5. What is the cargo of the car in which Frederic has stowed away?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although seemingly content in his new life, what issue remains troubling to Frederic in Chapter 38?

2. What major decision does Frederic resolve in his mind on his train trip to Milan? Is he sure of his decision?

3. Discuss the change in Hemingway's writing style, and what does this change denote?

4. What is Hemingway saying about the coldness of war with the scene of the two fleeing soldiers?

5. How do Catherine and Frederic circumvent the border patrol?

6. What is the significance of Frederic's actions when he emerges from the river?

7. Describe the reunion between Frederic and Catherine.

8. What do you think Frederic would say in a letter to Catherine if he were to write one at this point? What might he describe?

9. Is Frederic's goodbye to Catherine "fitting" considering his love for her? Why or why not?

10. How has the relationship between Catherine and Frederic matured?

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