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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 19, Frederic is spending his days ________________.
(a) instructing incoming troops
(b) driving his ambulance
(c) doing physical therapy
(d) recovering in a villa

2. The men in the army predict the upcoming year of the war to be _________ for the Italians.
(a) about the same
(b) improved
(c) over
(d) worse

3. The priest tells Frederic that he is __________ that he has returned.
(a) angry
(b) happy
(c) surprised
(d) disappointed

4. Catherine's continuous questions to Frederic about love and his past relationships indicate that she is:
(a) indecisive as to whether or not to continue this relationship
(b) confident in their love
(c) insecure about the relationship
(d) unstable

5. What endearing term does Frederic use to refer to the baby?
(a) Baby Catherine
(b) Mini Catherine
(c) Baby Henry
(d) Little Catherine

Short Answer Questions

1. At the close of Chapter 14, it is clear that Frederic's true feelings for Catherine:

2. Why is Catherine angry with Frederic in Chapter 6?

3. Which statement describes Frederic's feelings when he realizes he can not see Catherine that evening?

4. Frederic's sweet reference to the baby in Chapter 24 seems to indicate:

5. Which of the following men does not meet up with Frederic in Chapter 19?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the reference to "Baby Catherine" suggest?

2. Describe the friendship between Frederic and Rinaldi.

3. Up to this point in the novel, what patterns have emerged with regard to Frederic and alcohol?

4. Describe Catherine Barkley.

5. War takes an emotional toll on the characters. Select one of the following characters and discuss how s/he copes with the stress of war: Frederic, Catherine, Rinaldi, the men in Frederic's unit, the priest, the major.

6. Describe Frederic's attitude toward his own mortality.

7. Why do you think Frederic is so eager to return to the battlefield when additional time in the hospital gives him additional time with Catherine?

8. Would you agree or disagree with the following statement:Catherine Barkley is a self-assured and independent woman. Why or why not?

9. Describe the differences in Rinaldi.

10. Compare and contrast Frederic and Catherine's access to alone time with that of an average young adult couple today.

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