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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This character provides the tips on the horse races:
(a) Mr. Myers
(b) Crowell Rodgers
(c) Helen Ferguson
(d) Mrs. Myers

2. Frederic says he wants the surgery performed as soon as possible because:
(a) He is not afraid to fight.
(b) He wants to marry Catherine.
(c) He cannot wait to return to the front line.
(d) He wants to finish his duty.

3. At the close of Chapter 14, it is clear that Frederic's true feelings for Catherine:
(a) have strengthened
(b) have stayed the same
(c) have withered away
(d) still remain bottled up

4. In Chapter 5, Frederic performs this task as part of his duty:
(a) distribute ammunition to infantrymen
(b) stock the ambulance with medical supplies
(c) rotate the ambulance tires
(d) inspect the trenches

5. This character seemingly deals with the horror of war by joking and laughter.
(a) Rinaldi
(b) Frederic Henry
(c) the priest
(d) the major

Short Answer Questions

1. When Frederic is drunk, Rinaldi brings him _______________ to chew on in order to help sober him up.

2. In Chapter 19, Frederic is spending his days ________________.

3. Which statement best describes Frederic's attitude toward the war at this point in Chapter 9?

4. On the train, Frederic ends up sleeping:

5. It is __________ when Frederic and Catherine part at the train station.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Catherine Barkley.

2. What do we learn about Frederic's attitude toward love in Chapter 11?

3. What evidence is given that Catherine is approaching their relationship tentatively at this time?

4. Describe the character, Rinaldi.

5. How has the mood changed when Frederic returns to his camp?

6. How might Frederic's viewpoint toward the war change after his injury?

7. Describe the setting. How would you characterize the writing style the author uses to illustrate the setting?

8. Compare and contrast Frederic and Catherine's access to alone time with that of an average young adult couple today.

9. How do you think Frederic feels about the news of Catherine being relocated?

10. Describe the friendship between Frederic and Rinaldi.

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