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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the start of Chapter 9, Frederic leaves his men to:
(a) write to Catherine
(b) drive the ambulance
(c) find food
(d) receive new orders

2. From Catherine's comments in Chapter 6, the reader can determine that she realizes that love is _______.
(a) an inconvenience
(b) a trial
(c) a blessing
(d) a game

3. When Catherine and Frederic first enter the hotel, Catherine feels:
(a) upset
(b) excited
(c) nervous
(d) tired

4. During Frederic's discussion with the priest regarding love, Frederic states that:
(a) always comits fully to love
(b) does not understand love
(c) falls in love easily
(d) he does not love much

5. This soldier dies after the blast in the dugout:
(a) Passini
(b) Gordini
(c) Gavuzzi
(d) Manera

Short Answer Questions

1. It is likely that Frederic is abusing alcohol so far in this novel to:

2. Which statement best describes the change seen in the priest in Chapter 26?

3. How does Rinaldi speak of Catherine when Frederic asks if Rinaldi has seen her?

4. Which character discovers the alcohol bottles stashed under Frederic's bed?

5. Which statement best describes Frederic's attitude toward the war at this point in Chapter 9?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence is given that Catherine is approaching their relationship tentatively at this time?

2. Why do you think Frederic is so eager to return to the battlefield when additional time in the hospital gives him additional time with Catherine?

3. Expand upon Question #13. Have your opinions on Frederic's relationship with alcohol been changed, confirmed and/or altered? What is ironic about Frederic's interaction with alcohol in Chapter 22?

4. Describe the friendship between Frederic and Rinaldi.

5. What do we learn about Frederic's attitude toward love in Chapter 11?

6. How is friendship portrayed in the novel so far?

7. Discuss Hemingway's use of irony in the scene between Frederic and the barber.

8. How do you think Frederic feels about the news of Catherine being relocated?

9. How does each couple react to the other's news in Chapter 22?

10. How has the mood changed when Frederic returns to his camp?

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