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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic's motives for joining the war are not clear in this novel. By Chapter 35, Frederic makes this statement about joining the Italian war effort.

2. Once again, water symbolizes __________ for Frederic.
(a) danger
(b) escape
(c) a barrier
(d) challenge

3. Frederic finally finds a ___________ on which to travel.
(a) convoy
(b) bicylce
(c) horse
(d) train

4. The bartender offers his __________ to Frederic and Catherine for escape to Switzerland.
(a) carriage
(b) truck
(c) boat
(d) horses

5. Frederic displays leadership in Chapter 28 by:
(a) deciding to return to the battlefield
(b) gaining more ground than the mass retreat
(c) taking his group off the main road for safety
(d) successfully getting his group to Udine

6. Frederic and Catherine arrive in Switzerland feeling _____________.
(a) frightened
(b) melancholy
(c) devastated
(d) triumphant

7. Frederic proves his high level of intellect and common sense in Chapter 30 when:
(a) He knows the bridge would be safe for a single man to cross.
(b) He teaches the men about ambulance machinery.
(c) He correctly reads the map to get to Udine.
(d) He lectures the men on the war.

8. Who shoots the already wounded soldier with the purpose to kill him?
(a) one of the women
(b) the other soldier
(c) Frederic
(d) Bonello

9. After being arrested, Frederic lies to the police and tells them. . .
(a) they are on their honeymoon.
(b) they are siblings studying abroad.
(c) they visiting Switzerland for winter sport.
(d) they are lost.

10. Frederic and the Count engage in a meaningful discussion about:
(a) love and life lessons
(b) books and death
(c) the war and newspapers
(d) life and death

11. Frederic can not fully escape the war because. . .
(a) he still writes letters home about the war.
(b) he is concerned how friends such as Rinaldi and the priest are doing.
(c) he reads the papers everyday to see how the war is progressing.
(d) he dreams about the war every night.

12. Frederic and Catherine's reunion is_______ for the couple.
(a) bittersweet
(b) joyful
(c) disheartening
(d) confusing

13. Frederic departs the train in:
(a) Milan
(b) Venice
(c) Abruzzi
(d) Trieste

14. When back with the main retreat, Frederic mentions he is:
(a) a Protestant
(b) an atheist
(c) a socialist
(d) a Catholic

15. Which statement best describes Gino?
(a) He has given up on the war and his county.
(b) He is patriotic, but realistic at the war's probable outcome.
(c) He feels the soldiers need to try harder.
(d) He is patriotic and is offended at talk of losing the war.

Short Answer Questions

1. This symbol signifies Frederic's new beginning out of the army.

2. When he realizes he is in trouble, Frederic:

3. Frederic's actions toward his jacket in Chapter 31 signify. . .

4. Frederic's son dies from:

5. What is one of the biggest obstacles slowing the men during the massive retreat to Udine?

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