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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the men arrive in Udine, the battle police. . .
(a) insist they rest.
(b) seek medical treatment for their wounds.
(c) provide them with food and wine.
(d) arrest and question them.

2. At the end of Chapter 41, Catherine dies. . .
(a) during the baby's birth.
(b) alone in the night hours.
(c) while Frederic is at the cafe.
(d) with Frederic at her bedside.

3. Catherine and Frederic describe the pregnancy as something that is:
(a) smothering their love
(b) hurrying them
(c) frightening them
(d) driving them apart

4. At the car, what is odd about the behavior of the two soldiers that joined Frederic's group?
(a) They are fidgeting a lot.
(b) They turn around and walk away.
(c) They are constantly fighting with one another.
(d) They start speaking in Austrian.

5. Before heading for Catherine, Frederic visits:
(a) Ralph Simmons
(b) Helen Ferguson
(c) Mr. Myers
(d) Edgar Saunders

6. What positive symbol emerges again in Chapter 28?
(a) a train
(b) sunshine
(c) a rainbow
(d) rain

7. Catherine is fearful that Frederic now views her as:
(a) fat
(b) a burden
(c) obnixious
(d) dull

8. Frederic and the Count engage in a meaningful discussion about:
(a) books and death
(b) love and life lessons
(c) life and death
(d) the war and newspapers

9. Frederic and Catherine arrive in Switzerland feeling _____________.
(a) devastated
(b) melancholy
(c) triumphant
(d) frightened

10. Count Greffi provides Frederic with this advice about growing older.
(a) People gain wisdom through great care
(b) People grow more wary as they grow wiser
(c) People care about growing wise
(d) People do not grow wiser, they grow more careful

11. Frederic takes a train to ______________ to find Catherine.
(a) Gorizia
(b) Trieste
(c) Stresa
(d) Venice

12. What is the cargo of the car in which Frederic has stowed away?
(a) medical supplies
(b) guns
(c) tires
(d) food

13. Hemingway's journalist writing style changes slightly in Chapter 32 to be more:
(a) humorous
(b) expressive
(c) immature
(d) curt

14. In actuality, Aymo is killed by:
(a) the surviving soldier of the two men they had picked up
(b) the rear guard of the retreat
(c) his own hand
(d) soldiers in the German bicycle unit

15. In Chapter 29, another obstacle that arises for the group is they. . .
(a) are divided in opinion as to what to do next.
(b) get stuck in the mud.
(c) are discovered in the farmhouse.
(d) realize they are lost.

Short Answer Questions

1. Despite Catherine's pregnancy going well so far, her. . .

2. While on the train, Frederic encounters. . .

3. Which character warns Frederic about the police coming?

4. Which statement best describes the attitude Frederic took when he first fired at the fleeing sergeants?

5. Frederic proves his high level of intellect and common sense in Chapter 30 when:

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