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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the retreat, the men stop in ________ to change the oil on the ambulances.
(a) Abruzzi
(b) Gorizia
(c) Milan
(d) Bainsizza

2. By Chapter 40, Catherine is approximately:
(a) nine months pregnant
(b) two months pregnant
(c) four months pregnant
(d) six months pregnant

3. Which statement best describes Frederics feelings about spending time away from Catherine?
(a) He is starting to feel the pressure of their relationship.
(b) He enjoys time as a couple, but appreciates alone time.
(c) His life is empty when he is not with her.
(d) He feels their connection is waning.

4. Frederic states that this commodity cannot win a war, but can certainly lose one.
(a) passion
(b) weapons
(c) ammunition
(d) food

5. Who shoots the already wounded soldier with the purpose to kill him?
(a) Bonello
(b) Frederic
(c) the other soldier
(d) one of the women

6. The man who sees Frederic depart the train:
(a) offers Frederic a job
(b) offers to help Frederic obtain leave papers
(c) tells Frederic he has seen Catherine
(d) threatens to turn Frederic in

7. A change in Catherine's behavior in Chapter 40 is that. . .
(a) she eats more.
(b) she exercises more.
(c) she stays in bed more.
(d) she complains more.

8. Frederic proves his high level of intellect and common sense in Chapter 30 when:
(a) He knows the bridge would be safe for a single man to cross.
(b) He correctly reads the map to get to Udine.
(c) He teaches the men about ambulance machinery.
(d) He lectures the men on the war.

9. Which statement best describes Catherine's mood as they travel?
(a) She is exhausted and fearful.
(b) She is energetic, yet pessimistic.
(c) She is cheerful and optimistic.
(d) She is cheerful, yet apprehensive.

10. Frederic and Catherine's reunion is_______ for the couple.
(a) joyful
(b) bittersweet
(c) disheartening
(d) confusing

11. This military situation for the Italians at this point in the novel is:
(a) neutral
(b) grave
(c) triumphant
(d) improving

12. Which statement best describes Frederic's feelings about his new mountain home?
(a) He copes with his new home, but is homesick for America.
(b) He is worried he will be found.
(c) He is content with this lovely place.
(d) He dislikes the Swiss weather.

13. Which statement best describes Gino?
(a) He is patriotic and is offended at talk of losing the war.
(b) He is patriotic, but realistic at the war's probable outcome.
(c) He feels the soldiers need to try harder.
(d) He has given up on the war and his county.

14. Travel in town becomes difficult because of:
(a) slush
(b) snow
(c) heat
(d) rain

15. At the abandoned farmhouse, the group. . .
(a) find food and water.
(b) rebandage their wounds.
(c) discuss giving themselves up.
(d) sleep for three hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 41, Catherine refers to her labor pains as:

2. When he arrives in Stresa, Frederic asks the hotel bartender. . .

3. In Chapter 38, Frederic and Catherine. . .

4. Catherine and Frederic describe the pregnancy as something that is:

5. The porter knows Catherine and Frederic are not just taking a walk. Which of the following reasons does not convince the porter of this fact?

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