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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first person Frederic encounters back at the front is the:
(a) major
(b) corporal
(c) private
(d) sergeant

2. In Chapter 16, Catherine is fearful of:
(a) being sent away for lack of work
(b) her secret with Frederic being found out
(c) Frederic's dangerous surgery
(d) the horrible wounds she encounters as a nurse

3. Which statement describes Frederic's feelings when he realizes he can not see Catherine that evening?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He is relieved.
(c) He does not care.
(d) He is sad and lonely.

4. Afraid of being discovered, Frederic and Catherine make a pact to:
(a) vacation in the mountains
(b) desert the army together when Frederic is recovered
(c) say they were married before Frederic came to the hospital
(d) get married in a month

5. Of which of the following is the priest tired?
(a) the war
(b) being disrespected
(c) All of the above
(d) being away from home

6. What rank does Frederic Henry hold?
(a) Major
(b) Corporal
(c) Lieutenant
(d) Sergeant

7. While in the hospital in Milan, Frederic and Catherine's relationship is secretly able to grow due to:
(a) the pressure of war
(b) their friends
(c) Frederic's quick recovery
(d) Catherine's tending to Frederic

8. From Catherine's comments in Chapter 6, the reader can determine that she realizes that love is _______.
(a) a game
(b) a blessing
(c) an inconvenience
(d) a trial

9. In Chapter 22, Frederic comes down with ________.
(a) jaundice
(b) pnuemonia
(c) small pox
(d) measles

10. Catherine is popular with the other nurses because she:
(a) fills out all the paperwork
(b) empties all the bed pans
(c) works all the night shifts
(d) handles all the complaints

11. Rinaldi has been keeping what item as a reminder of his friend, Frederic?
(a) a Bible
(b) a photo
(c) a comb
(d) a toothbrush

12. This soldier dies after the blast in the dugout:
(a) Manera
(b) Gordini
(c) Passini
(d) Gavuzzi

13. This adjective best describes the men in Frederic Henry's unit:
(a) scared
(b) confined
(c) angry
(d) frustrated

14. Frederic is keeping this object hidden beneath his bed:
(a) alcohol
(b) money
(c) painkillers
(d) a hankercheif from Catherine

15. Why does the barber threaten Frederic?
(a) He is insane.
(b) Frederic refuses to pay him.
(c) He dislikes Americans.
(d) He mistakenly believes Frederic is an Austrian officer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Frederic's sweet reference to the baby in Chapter 24 seems to indicate:

2. Rinaldi's aggression toward the priest in Chapter 25 is "excused" by the major because of this medical condition.

3. This statement describes Frederic's outlook on Italian life:

4. The situation at the race track exemplifies that Catherine and Frederic:

5. Which statement best describes the change seen in the priest in Chapter 26?

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