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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The tension is Chapter 23 is caused by:
(a) Catherine's reassignment to another hospital
(b) the couple being afraid of being seen at the hotel
(c) the reality that Frederic is leaving for battle and may not return
(d) the couple's wish to meet each other's families

2. At the medical facility, Frederic is diagnosed with many superficial wounds, as well as significant wounds to his:
(a) right knee and foot
(b) left knee and foot
(c) head
(d) right shoulder

3. Catherine reveals to Frederic in Chapter 21 that she is. . .
(a) pregnant.
(b) reassigned.
(c) going home.
(d) ill.

4. When Catherine and Frederic first enter the hotel, Catherine feels:
(a) upset
(b) nervous
(c) tired
(d) excited

5. This is a trait of Frederic's friend, Rinaldi:
(a) devoted
(b) loving
(c) bositorous
(d) All of the above

6. Which character discovers the alcohol bottles stashed under Frederic's bed?
(a) a porter
(b) Helen Ferguson
(c) Catherine Barkley
(d) Miss Van Campen

7. In Chapter 6, Frederic is a little fearful that Catherine is __________.
(a) controlling
(b) crazy
(c) feeble
(d) in love with him

8. In Chapter 4, Miss Barkley reveals that she has lost her _________ in the war.
(a) father
(b) cousin
(c) brother
(d) fiance

9. Which of the following statements best describes the change in Rinaldi?
(a) He is tired and depressed.
(b) He is depressed, yet boistorous.
(c) He is excited and has been promoted.
(d) He is eager to go back to battle.

10. Of which of the following is the priest tired?
(a) being away from home
(b) being disrespected
(c) the war
(d) All of the above

11. This character informs Frederic that Catherine can not come down to see him when he tries to visit her at the hospital.
(a) the head nurse
(b) Helen
(c) a porter
(d) Rinaldi

12. __________ warns Frederic and Catherine that people are growing suspicious of the couple.
(a) Mrs. Walker
(b) Miss Van Campen
(c) Miss Ferguson
(d) Miss Gage

13. One evening while Catherine is on night duty, the couple:
(a) sneak out for an easy walk
(b) read romantic books to one another
(c) profess their love to one another
(d) spend the night together

14. At the start of Chapter 9, Frederic leaves his men to:
(a) drive the ambulance
(b) receive new orders
(c) find food
(d) write to Catherine

15. Frederic's opinion of his treatment when he first arrives at the Milan hospital is:
(a) disappointing
(b) indifferent
(c) positive
(d) negative

Short Answer Questions

1. Afraid of being discovered, Frederic and Catherine make a pact to:

2. Why does the barber threaten Frederic?

3. This character seemingly deals with the horror of war by joking and laughter.

4. Before Frederic leaves for Milan, the men discuss whether the United States will declare war on Austria and Turkey. Frederic states:

5. This adjective best describes the men in Frederic Henry's unit:

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