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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The tension is Chapter 23 is caused by:
(a) Catherine's reassignment to another hospital
(b) the couple's wish to meet each other's families
(c) the reality that Frederic is leaving for battle and may not return
(d) the couple being afraid of being seen at the hotel

2. This epidemic killed 7,000 soldiers over the past winter.
(a) pneumonia
(b) typhus
(c) small pox
(d) cholera

3. When Frederic is drunk, Rinaldi brings him _______________ to chew on in order to help sober him up.
(a) tobacco
(b) licorice
(c) coffee beans
(d) chocolate

4. In Chapter 4, Miss Barkley reveals that she has lost her _________ in the war.
(a) cousin
(b) father
(c) fiance
(d) brother

5. On the train, Frederic ends up sleeping:
(a) in his seat
(b) in a shared berth
(c) in a private berth
(d) on the floor

6. In Chapter 5, Frederic performs this task as part of his duty:
(a) distribute ammunition to infantrymen
(b) rotate the ambulance tires
(c) inspect the trenches
(d) stock the ambulance with medical supplies

7. The priest wishes to be back home in:
(a) America
(b) Milan
(c) Abruzzi
(d) Rome

8. It is __________ when Frederic and Catherine part at the train station.
(a) sunny
(b) snowing
(c) raining
(d) windy

9. What does Frederic do until the spring?
(a) Is in the hospital
(b) Goes on leave
(c) Works as an ambulance driver
(d) Visits his home

10. Which adjective best describes the goodbye between Frederic and Catherine?
(a) lengthly
(b) disappointing
(c) touching
(d) hampered

11. Which statement describes Frederic's feelings when he realizes he can not see Catherine that evening?
(a) He is sad and lonely.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He does not care.
(d) He is relieved.

12. What is the problem Frederic encounters when he gets on the train?
(a) His ticket is for the wrong destination.
(b) His luggage has been misplaced.
(c) He does not have enough money for his ticket.
(d) His seat being saved by the porter gets taken from him.

13. Frederic is informed that this person has also been reassigned to Milan:
(a) the priest
(b) Catherine
(c) Rinaldi
(d) Helen

14. At the medical facility, Frederic is diagnosed with many superficial wounds, as well as significant wounds to his:
(a) head
(b) left knee and foot
(c) right shoulder
(d) right knee and foot

15. This character provides the tips on the horse races:
(a) Mr. Myers
(b) Mrs. Myers
(c) Crowell Rodgers
(d) Helen Ferguson

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frederic tell the priest he does to cope with the war?

2. This character informs Frederic that Catherine can not come down to see him when he tries to visit her at the hospital.

3. Before Frederic leaves for the battlefield, Catherine insists that:

4. What endearing term does Frederic use to refer to the baby?

5. Which statement best describes the change seen in the priest in Chapter 26?

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