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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Catherine and Frederic first enter the hotel, Catherine feels:
(a) nervous
(b) upset
(c) excited
(d) tired

2. Why is Catherine angry with Frederic in Chapter 6?
(a) She discovered he had visited a brothel.
(b) He visited her too often and Catherine got in trouble with the head nurse.
(c) He did not send a note telling her he would be away.
(d) He tried to kiss her.

3. This statement describes Frederic's outlook on Italian life:
(a) He is fond of the Italians' nightlife.
(b) He feels he is too timid to enjoy the Italian lifestyle.
(c) He feels the Italian lifestyle is frivolous.
(d) He abhors Italian social customs.

4. Frederic's sweet reference to the baby in Chapter 24 seems to indicate:
(a) that Frederic has selected a name for the baby
(b) that Frederic is ready to marry Catherine
(c) that Frederic will desert his post and stay with Catherine
(d) that Frederic is getting used to the idea of having a baby

5. Frederic receives a note stating that he is to. . .
(a) take a three-week leave.
(b) return to the front immediately.
(c) be reassigned.
(d) return home.

6. At the start of Chapter 9, Frederic leaves his men to:
(a) receive new orders
(b) drive the ambulance
(c) find food
(d) write to Catherine

7. Before Frederic leaves for Milan, the men discuss whether the United States will declare war on Austria and Turkey. Frederic states:
(a) The United States does not have the resources to declare war.
(b) The United States will remain neutral.
(c) The United States will declare war.
(d) The United States does not care to be involved.

8. While on a walk with Catherine, Frederic purchases:
(a) a gun
(b) theatre tickets
(c) a bottle of wine
(d) a train ticket

9. One evening while Catherine is on night duty, the couple:
(a) sneak out for an easy walk
(b) read romantic books to one another
(c) spend the night together
(d) profess their love to one another

10. Catherine's continuous questions to Frederic about love and his past relationships indicate that she is:
(a) insecure about the relationship
(b) unstable
(c) confident in their love
(d) indecisive as to whether or not to continue this relationship

11. This epidemic killed 7,000 soldiers over the past winter.
(a) small pox
(b) pneumonia
(c) typhus
(d) cholera

12. Frederic is keeping this object hidden beneath his bed:
(a) alcohol
(b) painkillers
(c) money
(d) a hankercheif from Catherine

13. It is __________ when Frederic and Catherine part at the train station.
(a) sunny
(b) snowing
(c) raining
(d) windy

14. The priest tells Frederic that he is __________ that he has returned.
(a) surprised
(b) angry
(c) happy
(d) disappointed

15. Rinaldi has been keeping what item as a reminder of his friend, Frederic?
(a) a toothbrush
(b) a photo
(c) a comb
(d) a Bible

Short Answer Questions

1. Which adjective best describes the goodbye between Frederic and Catherine?

2. Which of the following men does not meet up with Frederic in Chapter 19?

3. The first horse on which Catherine and Frederic bet:

4. From Catherine's comments in Chapter 6, the reader can determine that she realizes that love is _______.

5. This statement best describes Catherine's feelings in Chapter 5:

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