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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Frederic tell the priest he does to cope with the war?
(a) He writes to Catherine.
(b) He prays.
(c) He does not think about it.
(d) He drinks.

2. During Frederic's discussion with the priest regarding love, Frederic states that:
(a) he does not love much
(b) always comits fully to love
(c) does not understand love
(d) falls in love easily

3. Catherine's continuous questions to Frederic about love and his past relationships indicate that she is:
(a) indecisive as to whether or not to continue this relationship
(b) unstable
(c) confident in their love
(d) insecure about the relationship

4. This is a trait of Frederic's friend, Rinaldi:
(a) bositorous
(b) devoted
(c) loving
(d) All of the above

5. In Chapter 6, Frederic is a little fearful that Catherine is __________.
(a) in love with him
(b) feeble
(c) controlling
(d) crazy

6. This character informs Frederic that Catherine can not come down to see him when he tries to visit her at the hospital.
(a) a porter
(b) the head nurse
(c) Rinaldi
(d) Helen

7. While in the hospital in Milan, Frederic and Catherine's relationship is secretly able to grow due to:
(a) the pressure of war
(b) Frederic's quick recovery
(c) Catherine's tending to Frederic
(d) their friends

8. Frederic is informed that this person has also been reassigned to Milan:
(a) Rinaldi
(b) Catherine
(c) Helen
(d) the priest

9. The priest tells Frederic that he is __________ that he has returned.
(a) surprised
(b) disappointed
(c) happy
(d) angry

10. Frederic receives a note stating that he is to. . .
(a) take a three-week leave.
(b) return home.
(c) return to the front immediately.
(d) be reassigned.

11. Before Frederic leaves for Milan, the men discuss whether the United States will declare war on Austria and Turkey. Frederic states:
(a) The United States will remain neutral.
(b) The United States will declare war.
(c) The United States does not care to be involved.
(d) The United States does not have the resources to declare war.

12. The first horse on which Catherine and Frederic bet:
(a) is disqualified
(b) loses
(c) wins
(d) ties

13. At the close of Chapter 14, it is clear that Frederic's true feelings for Catherine:
(a) have withered away
(b) have stayed the same
(c) still remain bottled up
(d) have strengthened

14. When Catherine and Frederic first enter the hotel, Catherine feels:
(a) excited
(b) nervous
(c) upset
(d) tired

15. Rinaldi has been keeping what item as a reminder of his friend, Frederic?
(a) a photo
(b) a comb
(c) a Bible
(d) a toothbrush

Short Answer Questions

1. It is likely that Frederic is abusing alcohol so far in this novel to:

2. The majority of the doctors in Milan feel the plan for Frederic's leg surgery should:

3. What rank does Frederic Henry hold?

4. Of which of the following is the priest tired?

5. Which statement best describes the change seen in the priest in Chapter 26?

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