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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic is keeping this object hidden beneath his bed:
(a) money
(b) a hankercheif from Catherine
(c) alcohol
(d) painkillers

2. While on a walk with Catherine, Frederic purchases:
(a) a train ticket
(b) a gun
(c) theatre tickets
(d) a bottle of wine

3. Rinaldi has been keeping what item as a reminder of his friend, Frederic?
(a) a toothbrush
(b) a photo
(c) a Bible
(d) a comb

4. In Chapter 5, Frederic performs this task as part of his duty:
(a) distribute ammunition to infantrymen
(b) stock the ambulance with medical supplies
(c) rotate the ambulance tires
(d) inspect the trenches

5. The first horse on which Catherine and Frederic bet:
(a) ties
(b) loses
(c) wins
(d) is disqualified

6. One doctor asks Frederic how many Austrians he has killed, and Frederic replies that he has killed:
(a) seven
(b) a few
(c) none
(d) plenty

7. Frederic receives a note stating that he is to. . .
(a) return home.
(b) take a three-week leave.
(c) return to the front immediately.
(d) be reassigned.

8. The continuous discussions of love in the book so far seems to indicate that:
(a) Love hurts everyone in the end.
(b) Love is a part of life.
(c) Catherine and Frederic will share a great love.
(d) Love benefits everyone.

9. What is the time setting of this story?
(a) Fall of 1916
(b) Spring of 1916
(c) Spring of 1917
(d) Summer of 1916

10. In Chapter 19, Frederic is spending his days ________________.
(a) driving his ambulance
(b) doing physical therapy
(c) instructing incoming troops
(d) recovering in a villa

11. Frederic is informed that this person has also been reassigned to Milan:
(a) Catherine
(b) Helen
(c) Rinaldi
(d) the priest

12. Catherine's continuous questions to Frederic about love and his past relationships indicate that she is:
(a) unstable
(b) insecure about the relationship
(c) confident in their love
(d) indecisive as to whether or not to continue this relationship

13. It is likely that Frederic is abusing alcohol so far in this novel to:
(a) be more interesting to Catherine
(b) numb the pain of his injuries
(c) numb the effects of the war
(d) have more fun while in the hospital

14. In Chapter 22, Frederic comes down with ________.
(a) measles
(b) pnuemonia
(c) small pox
(d) jaundice

15. This character provides the tips on the horse races:
(a) Mr. Myers
(b) Crowell Rodgers
(c) Helen Ferguson
(d) Mrs. Myers

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements best describes the change in Rinaldi?

2. Frederic says he wants the surgery performed as soon as possible because:

3. This statement best describes Catherine's feelings in Chapter 5:

4. The major claims this is the religion of all thinking men:

5. Which statement describes Frederic's feelings when he realizes he can not see Catherine that evening?

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