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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 5, Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 26, Frederic states his belief that:
(a) The war will continue for another year.
(b) The Austrians are a strong opponent.
(c) The war will not be over until someone surrenders.
(d) The United States will join in the war.

2. The situation at the race track exemplifies that Catherine and Frederic:
(a) are not often seen in public together
(b) want to spend time with their friends at the races
(c) do not want to be alone together
(d) are often seen in public together

3. Who tells Frederic that Catherine has left Milan?
(a) the man in the cafe
(b) Frederic's former porter and his wife
(c) Miss Van Campen
(d) Helen Ferguson

4. While on the train, Frederic encounters. . .
(a) a friend of Catherine's.
(b) an old man as his seat companion.
(c) welcoming handshakes for serving the country.
(d) scornful looks from other soldiers.

5. Frederic and Catherine pass the summer by:
(a) Carriage rides
(b) All of the above
(c) Dining out
(d) Spending time together in the hospital

Short Answer Questions

1. In actuality, Aymo is killed by:

2. In Chapter 19, Catherine says she is afraid of ________.

3. At the car, what is odd about the behavior of the two soldiers that joined Frederic's group?

4. At the start of Chapter 9, Frederic leaves his men to:

5. As a fugitive, Frederic decides. . .

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