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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While in the hospital in Milan, Frederic and Catherine's relationship is secretly able to grow due to:
(a) their friends
(b) Frederic's quick recovery
(c) the pressure of war
(d) Catherine's tending to Frederic

2. The priest tells Frederic that he is __________ that he has returned.
(a) happy
(b) angry
(c) disappointed
(d) surprised

3. This soldier dies after the blast in the dugout:
(a) Gordini
(b) Manera
(c) Passini
(d) Gavuzzi

4. Before Frederic leaves for the battlefield, Catherine insists that:
(a) He marry her.
(b) He forget about her.
(c) He not say goodbye to her.
(d) He promises to write to her.

5. These two men finally reach Udine:
(a) Frederic and Bonello
(b) Frederic and Aymo
(c) Frederic and Piani
(d) Bonello and Piani

Short Answer Questions

1. When Frederic emerges from the river, he. . .

2. Frederic's actions toward his jacket in Chapter 31 signify. . .

3. The first horse on which Catherine and Frederic bet:

4. This is Frederic Henry's occupation:

5. At the car, what is odd about the behavior of the two soldiers that joined Frederic's group?

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