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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 35.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the problem Frederic encounters when he gets on the train?
(a) His ticket is for the wrong destination.
(b) He does not have enough money for his ticket.
(c) His seat being saved by the porter gets taken from him.
(d) His luggage has been misplaced.

2. The priest wishes to be back home in:
(a) America
(b) Abruzzi
(c) Rome
(d) Milan

3. Frederic's situation in the train proves that in times of war, it helps a soldier to:
(a) be connected closely to family
(b) write often to family members
(c) be detached or uninvolved regarding loved ones
(d) talk to friends about his missed loved ones

4. Which statement best describes Gino?
(a) He is patriotic, but realistic at the war's probable outcome.
(b) He has given up on the war and his county.
(c) He is patriotic and is offended at talk of losing the war.
(d) He feels the soldiers need to try harder.

5. This military situation for the Italians at this point in the novel is:
(a) grave
(b) improving
(c) neutral
(d) triumphant

Short Answer Questions

1. What is odd about Frederic and Catherine's discussion in the hotel?

2. While in the hospital in Milan, Frederic and Catherine's relationship is secretly able to grow due to:

3. These two men finally reach Udine:

4. This is Frederic Henry's occupation:

5. When Frederic emerges from the river, he. . .

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