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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the medical facility, Frederic is diagnosed with many superficial wounds, as well as significant wounds to his:
(a) left knee and foot
(b) right shoulder
(c) right knee and foot
(d) head

2. On the train, Frederic ends up sleeping:
(a) in his seat
(b) on the floor
(c) in a private berth
(d) in a shared berth

3. Catherine reveals to Frederic in Chapter 21 that she is. . .
(a) reassigned.
(b) ill.
(c) going home.
(d) pregnant.

4. Frederic and the priest agree that:
(a) Praying is not helpful anymore.
(b) People have become, in a way, more gentle.
(c) The men are becoming more aggressive.
(d) The war will continue for many years.

5. Rinaldi has been keeping what item as a reminder of his friend, Frederic?
(a) a toothbrush
(b) a comb
(c) a Bible
(d) a photo

Short Answer Questions

1. Frederic is keeping this object hidden beneath his bed:

2. At the abandoned farmhouse, the group. . .

3. In Chapter 16, Catherine is fearful of:

4. These are two obstacles Frederic faces while in the river.

5. This soldier dies after the blast in the dugout:

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