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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 21 | Book 2, Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic is keeping this object hidden beneath his bed:
(a) alcohol
(b) a hankercheif from Catherine
(c) money
(d) painkillers

2. This character seemingly deals with the horror of war by joking and laughter.
(a) the priest
(b) Rinaldi
(c) the major
(d) Frederic Henry

3. What does Frederic do until the spring?
(a) Goes on leave
(b) Visits his home
(c) Works as an ambulance driver
(d) Is in the hospital

4. The first horse on which Catherine and Frederic bet:
(a) ties
(b) wins
(c) loses
(d) is disqualified

5. In Chapter 19, Frederic is spending his days ________________.
(a) doing physical therapy
(b) instructing incoming troops
(c) recovering in a villa
(d) driving his ambulance

Short Answer Questions

1. The majority of the doctors in Milan feel the plan for Frederic's leg surgery should:

2. Before Frederic leaves for Milan, the men discuss whether the United States will declare war on Austria and Turkey. Frederic states:

3. __________ warns Frederic and Catherine that people are growing suspicious of the couple.

4. Catherine reveals to Frederic in Chapter 21 that she is. . .

5. In Chapter 6, Frederic is a little fearful that Catherine is __________.

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