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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The tension is Chapter 23 is caused by:
(a) the couple being afraid of being seen at the hotel
(b) the couple's wish to meet each other's families
(c) the reality that Frederic is leaving for battle and may not return
(d) Catherine's reassignment to another hospital

2. Frederic and the priest agree that:
(a) Praying is not helpful anymore.
(b) The war will continue for many years.
(c) The men are becoming more aggressive.
(d) People have become, in a way, more gentle.

3. Frederic proves his high level of intellect and common sense in Chapter 30 when:
(a) He lectures the men on the war.
(b) He correctly reads the map to get to Udine.
(c) He knows the bridge would be safe for a single man to cross.
(d) He teaches the men about ambulance machinery.

4. Why does the barber threaten Frederic?
(a) He is insane.
(b) He dislikes Americans.
(c) Frederic refuses to pay him.
(d) He mistakenly believes Frederic is an Austrian officer.

5. In actuality, Aymo is killed by:
(a) soldiers in the German bicycle unit
(b) his own hand
(c) the rear guard of the retreat
(d) the surviving soldier of the two men they had picked up

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character is excellent at billiards and asks Frederic to play a game?

2. In Chapter 26, Frederic states his belief that:

3. What is one of the biggest obstacles slowing the men during the massive retreat to Udine?

4. Frederic sends out a porter to:

5. Which statement best describes Frederic's attitude toward the war at this point in Chapter 9?

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