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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before heading for Catherine, Frederic visits:
(a) Helen Ferguson
(b) Edgar Saunders
(c) Ralph Simmons
(d) Mr. Myers

2. Who tells Frederic that Catherine has left Milan?
(a) the man in the cafe
(b) Frederic's former porter and his wife
(c) Miss Van Campen
(d) Helen Ferguson

3. In Chapter 26, Frederic states his belief that:
(a) The war will continue for another year.
(b) The United States will join in the war.
(c) The Austrians are a strong opponent.
(d) The war will not be over until someone surrenders.

4. Frederic sends out a porter to:
(a) purchase a gun for him
(b) save him a seat on a train
(c) change his train ticket
(d) send a note to Catherine

5. The men in the army predict the upcoming year of the war to be _________ for the Italians.
(a) improved
(b) worse
(c) about the same
(d) over

Short Answer Questions

1. Which statement best describes Frederics feelings about spending time away from Catherine?

2. Frederic finally finds a ___________ on which to travel.

3. This is a trait of Frederic's friend, Rinaldi:

4. In Chapter 28, it is evident Frederic misses Catherine because:

5. Catherine is popular with the other nurses because she:

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