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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic displays leadership in Chapter 28 by:
(a) deciding to return to the battlefield
(b) successfully getting his group to Udine
(c) taking his group off the main road for safety
(d) gaining more ground than the mass retreat

2. Afraid of being discovered, Frederic and Catherine make a pact to:
(a) get married in a month
(b) desert the army together when Frederic is recovered
(c) say they were married before Frederic came to the hospital
(d) vacation in the mountains

3. This character takes the more practical approach to marriage in Chapter 18.
(a) Frederic
(b) Catherine
(c) Helen
(d) Rinaldi

4. The priest tells Frederic that he is __________ that he has returned.
(a) happy
(b) surprised
(c) disappointed
(d) angry

5. The fact that one man from Frederic's group gave himself up to the Germans as a prisoner or war tells Frederic that. . .
(a) the man was too scared to continue.
(b) the man lost faith in Frederic as a leader.
(c) the man was tired of the war.
(d) the man is weak.

Short Answer Questions

1. This character seemingly deals with the horror of war by joking and laughter.

2. When the men arrive in Udine, the battle police. . .

3. In Chapter 19, Catherine says she is afraid of ________.

4. Frederic feels ______ may be worse than defeat.

5. What does Frederic do until the spring?

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