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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Chapter 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frederic feels ______ may be worse than defeat.
(a) victory
(b) surrender
(c) imprisonment
(d) death

2. This soldier dies after the blast in the dugout:
(a) Manera
(b) Gavuzzi
(c) Gordini
(d) Passini

3. The fact that one man from Frederic's group gave himself up to the Germans as a prisoner or war tells Frederic that. . .
(a) the man was tired of the war.
(b) the man was too scared to continue.
(c) the man is weak.
(d) the man lost faith in Frederic as a leader.

4. The situation at the race track exemplifies that Catherine and Frederic:
(a) want to spend time with their friends at the races
(b) do not want to be alone together
(c) are often seen in public together
(d) are not often seen in public together

5. When Frederic emerges from the river, he. . .
(a) runs to a nearby village.
(b) sleeps for two hours.
(c) immediately thinks of Catherine.
(d) cuts the stars off of his jacket.

Short Answer Questions

1. In actuality, Aymo is killed by:

2. Frederic is informed that an attack will take place:

3. Which of the following men does not meet up with Frederic in Chapter 19?

4. What negative action does Rinaldi repeat in Chapter 25?

5. In Chapter 4, Miss Barkley reveals that she has lost her _________ in the war.

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