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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 17 | Book 2, Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This statement describes Frederic's outlook on Italian life:
(a) He feels he is too timid to enjoy the Italian lifestyle.
(b) He feels the Italian lifestyle is frivolous.
(c) He abhors Italian social customs.
(d) He is fond of the Italians' nightlife.

2. Afraid of being discovered, Frederic and Catherine make a pact to:
(a) say they were married before Frederic came to the hospital
(b) desert the army together when Frederic is recovered
(c) get married in a month
(d) vacation in the mountains

3. Frederic's opinion of his treatment when he first arrives at the Milan hospital is:
(a) positive
(b) disappointing
(c) indifferent
(d) negative

4. What is Catherine Barkley's profession?
(a) nurse
(b) secretary
(c) Red Cross worker
(d) telephone operator

5. Which statement best describes the relationship between Frederic and Rinaldi in Chapter 10?
(a) They are rivals for Catherine's affections.
(b) They have a deeply rooted friendship.
(c) They are fair acquaintences.
(d) They do not really know each other that well.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the beginning of Chapter 14, the nurse with which Frederic seems to get along best with at the Milan hospital is:

2. How does Rinaldi speak of Catherine when Frederic asks if Rinaldi has seen her?

3. Which statement best describes Frederic's attitude toward the war at this point in Chapter 9?

4. This character seemingly deals with the horror of war by joking and laughter.

5. The head nurse, the superintendent, for the hospital is:

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