A Farewell to Arms Character Descriptions

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Bartolomeo Aymo

This character is one of Frederic Henry's ambulance drivers during the Italian army's retreat. He is also the driver to whom Frederic is closest. During the retreat, this character generously picks up two peasant woman with assurances that he will not rape them. This assurance frightens them even more as they, unfortunately, only recognize the one word of this character's Italian. It is also this character who is mistakenly shot by the Italian rear guard. It is a tragic mistake both for its stupidity and because he was Frederic's friend. This character's role, then, is as a symbol of innocence killed by the stupidity of war.

Catherine Barkley

An English nurse with the Red Cross, this character is introduced to Henry through Rinaldi in Chapter IV. Frederic perceives this character "[as] quite tall. She wore what seemed to be a nurse's uniform, was blonde and had...

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