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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jeanne's father burn?
(a) Papers on his Japanese military service
(b) Their tea set
(c) Papers identifying him as a native Japanese
(d) Jeanne's birth certificate

2. How long is Kiyo gone from the family barracks?
(a) Two weeks
(b) Three months
(c) Three days
(d) One week

3. What hurts Mama's pride?
(a) To not be able to shower each day
(b) To have to rely on others
(c) To be put into such a low, miserable living situation
(d) To not be able to provide for her family

4. The camp sits at an altitude of _______.
(a) 4,000 feet
(b) 14,000 feet
(c) Sea level
(d) 10,000 feet

5. With what is Papa charged?
(a) Sending messages to the Japanese military
(b) Delivering oil to Japanese submarines
(c) Plotting to bomb
(d) Spying on the Long Beach Navel station

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Jeanne when she reaches the camp?

2. What covers the family when they wake up in their first morning at the camp?

3. People can leave the camps and move inland if they do what?

4. What song does Papa sing?

5. How much longer has Papa lived in the United States versus his interrogator?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the family feel about moving to Manzanar?

2. What is the greatest humiliation in the camp? How is it handled?

3. Does Papa want his sons to join in the war? Why or why not?

4. What does Papa's interview at Fort Lincoln reveal about him and his family relationships?

5. What is the family's first impression of Manzanar?

6. What is Papa's family like in Japan? What is the family's history?

7. What are the barracks like in the camp?

8. What do the people of the camp think about this document that the government wants them to sign? Why?

9. Who arrives at the reservoir shack? Who is fearful in the shack and who are they fearful of?

10. What is Papa's personality and character like?

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