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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19, Re-Entry.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the greatest difficulty that the family faces in L.A.?
(a) Finding their way around town
(b) Getting their possessions out of storage
(c) Jeanne getting into school
(d) Finding somewhere to live

2. Who crashes into the reservoir shack?
(a) A naval officer
(b) A Japanese spy
(c) A boy from a neighboring town
(d) 4 soldiers

3. The War Department issues surplus clothing from which war?
(a) The Vietnam War
(b) The Civil War
(c) WWI
(d) The Spanish American War

4. What item does Jeanne's mother refuse to sell, deciding instead to break it?
(a) A bracelet
(b) A short wave radio
(c) Jeanne's baby carriage
(d) Her china

5. What crowds the barracks?
(a) Woody's two children
(b) Papa's dark mood
(c) Mama's sadness
(d) Kiyo's friend Daniel

Short Answer Questions

1. Heavy doses of what leave Jeanne sick?

2. What reaction does Jeanne and her family get from others?

3. Who arrives at the camp to take care of the orphans?

4. In 1942, the Supreme Court upholds the evacuation of Japanese-Americans due to what reason?

5. What humiliates Jeanne's mother?

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