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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname does Marlowe give the big man escorting him out of Amthor's house?
(a) Hercules.
(b) Gorilla.
(c) Hemingway.
(d) Thor.

2. Which of the following statements does not describe what Marlowe sees inside the Montecito?
(a) A bar and some stools.
(b) Dancing girls.
(c) Roulette wheels.
(d) A Faro table.

3. Who is John Wax?
(a) The LA police commissioner.
(b) The New York police chief.
(c) The mayor of Bay City.
(d) The Bay City police chief.

4. What kind of car does Second Planting drive at the beginning of Chapter 21?
(a) A red Toyota Camry.
(b) A dark blue Packard sedan.
(c) A silver Mercedes Benz.
(d) A white Cadillac.

5. In Chapter 35, why does Marlowe initially fail to get inside the Montecito?
(a) He starts a fight with the bouncers.
(b) He is not on the list of people to admit.
(c) He is rude to the security guards.
(d) He has a gun and looks like a cop to the bouncers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Lieutenant Randall and Marlowe get into Jessie Florian's house in Chapter 30?

2. Which of the following statements does not describe Red?

3. What is Little Velma's ultimate fate in the novel?

4. In Chapter 27, to whose home does Marlowe walk on foot?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 39, where does Mrs. Grayle agree to meet Marlowe?

Short Essay Questions

1. What lie does Jules Amthor tell the two policeman about Marlowe in Chapter 23, and what does the lie result in for Marlowe?

2. Where is Moose Malloy's murderer eventually found, and what is her ultimate fate in the novel?

3. What does Marlowe learn about Anne Riordan's finances in Chapter 28?

4. In what ways is Marlowe's relationship with Lieutenant Randall a successful collaboration with the police?

5. What does the pink and black bug, whose progress Marlowe tracks in Chapter 31, indicate about Marlowe and his life?

6. Explain the lie in which Mrs. Morrison is caught in Chapter 30 and how that lie affects her credibility.

7. Compare Jules Amthor's appearance with his wife's.

8. How does Marlowe escape from his locked room in Chapter 26?

9. In Chapter 25, what evidence indicates to Marlowe that he has been drugged?

10. What evidence implicates Moose Malloy in Jessie Florian's murder?

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