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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Marlowe begins to hallucinate in Chapter 25, what does he realize?
(a) He has been drugged.
(b) He drank too much whiskey at Amthor's, and he's drunk.
(c) He has lost his mind.
(d) He has suffered a concussion.

2. How is Jessie Florian murdered?
(a) She's stabbed to death.
(b) She's poisoned.
(c) She's beaten to death.
(d) She's shot.

3. Who gives Marlowe an Egyptian cigarette in Chapter 38?
(a) Officer Olson.
(b) Laird Brunette.
(c) Lieutenant Nulty.
(d) Red.

4. Which of the following statements does not describe Jules Amthor?
(a) Deep, expressionless eyes.
(b) Pale, fine white hair and coal-black eyebrows.
(c) Skin as smooth as a rose petal.
(d) Overweight with a dark mustache.

5. Who tries to talk Marlowe into returning to his room in Chapter 27?
(a) Jules Amthor.
(b) Second Planting.
(c) Moose Malloy.
(d) Dr. Sonderborg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Marlowe find a gun in Chapter 27?

2. What is Marlowe wearing when he comes to at the beginning of Chapter 25?

3. What is the Montecito?

4. Which of the following statements does not describe Red?

5. Who does Moose Malloy realize must have framed him for the bank robbery eight years earlier?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 36, what information does Red give Marlowe about Laird Burnette, and what is the significance of the information to Marlowe's investigation?

2. Who murders Moose Malloy in Chapter 39, and what is the motivation for the killing?

3. Explain the lie in which Mrs. Morrison is caught in Chapter 30 and how that lie affects her credibility.

4. Why does Marlowe leave a message for Moose Malloy with Laird Brunette in Chapter 38?

5. In Chapter 33, what explanation does Sergeant Galbraith give for putting Marlowe into Sonderborg's hospital?

6. Explain how Red manages to get Marlowe onto the Montecito in Chapter 37.

7. What evidence implicates Moose Malloy in Jessie Florian's murder?

8. What reasons does Sergeant Galbraith give Marlowe in Chapter 33 for police corruption?

9. What evidence is there in Chapter 21 that Jules Amthor is a fraud?

10. In what ways is Marlowe's relationship with Lieutenant Randall a successful collaboration with the police?

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