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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who employs the person waiting for Marlowe upon his return to his office in Chapter 20?
(a) Jules Amthor, the psychic consultant.
(b) Anne Riordan.
(c) Lieutenant Nulty.
(d) Mr. Grayle.

2. Who took the Russian cigarettes with the paper mouthpieces from Lindsay Marriott's dead body?
(a) Anne Riordan.
(b) Lieutenant Randall.
(c) Marlowe.
(d) Lieutenant Nulty.

3. What is the one new piece of furniture in Jessie Florian's home?
(a) A dining room table.
(b) A green sofa.
(c) A large cabinet radio.
(d) A bed.

4. What does Lindsay Mariott tell Marlowe was stolen from a wealthy lady friend of his a few days ago?
(a) A Fei Tsui jade necklace.
(b) A diamond bracelet.
(c) A mink stole.
(d) A ruby pendant.

5. Which of the following items is not in Marlowe's office?
(a) A shabby rust-red rug.
(b) An expensive and well-polished mahogany desk.
(c) Half-dusted furniture.
(d) Dirty net curtains.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lindsay Marriott want to hire Philip Marlowe?

2. What does Marlowe prefer to do rather than go with Anne Riordan at the end of Chapter 11?

3. In Chapter 11, where does Marlowe find three mysterious Russian cigarettes?

4. According to Lieutenant Nulty in Chapter 7, who has been to visit Jessie Florian after Marlowe's visit to her?

5. Where does Marlowe find Anne Riordan at the beginning of Chapter 13?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare Jules Amthor's appearance with his wife's.

2. What does the fact that the two rough-looking characters tending to Marlowe in Chapter 23 and 24 are policeman indicate about the Bay City police force?

3. In Chapter 25, what evidence indicates to Marlowe that he has been drugged?

4. Discuss Marlowe's meeting with Chief Wax in Chapter 32 and what it indicates about both the chief and the Bay City police department.

5. Explain the lie in which Mrs. Morrison is caught in Chapter 30 and how that lie affects her credibility.

6. What does the fact that Marlowe goes to Anne Riordan's home after he escapes form Dr. Sonderborg's sanitarium indicate about his relationship with Anne?

7. What indications are there in Chapter 19 that Anne Riordan is jealous of Marlowe's attraction to Mrs. Grayle?

8. Explain how Officer Olson is a red herring in Chapter 35.

9. How does the novel Farewell My Lovely depict racial prejudice and racial relations between African-American and whites in the 1940's, the era in which the story is set?

10. When Marlowe visits Jessie Florian at the opening of Chapter 17, what information does she reveal?

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