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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marlowe do once he and Marriott reach the place where they are to meet the thieves?
(a) He hides behind a tree to observe the thieves.
(b) He loads his gun with bullets for protection.
(c) He sets up a tape recorder to record the meeting.
(d) He leaves Marriott in the car to go on foot to investigate.

2. What does Jessie Florian try to hide from Marlowe in Chapter 5 until Marlowe pulls it out of the trunk in her bedroom?
(a) A letter with Velma's current address on it.
(b) A letter revealing who framed Malloy for the bank robbery.
(c) A photo of a woman Marlowe believes is Velma Valento.
(d) The gun Malloy used to shoot Mr. Montgomery.

3. In Chapter 5, what beverage does Marlowe share with Jessie Florian to loosen her tongue and win her confidence?
(a) Buttermilk.
(b) A pint of bourbon.
(c) Apple juice.
(d) Black coffee.

4. What does Marlowe find hidden in the mouthpieces of Lindsay Marriott's Russian cigarettes?
(a) Business cards for Jules Amthor, a psychic consultant.
(b) Diamonds.
(c) His own business card.
(d) Coded messages.

5. Who finds Lindsay Marriott's dead body in Chapter 10?
(a) Anne Riordan.
(b) Lieutenant Randall.
(c) Marlowe.
(d) Lieutenant Nulty.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Mrs. Morrison describes a recent male visitor to Jessie Florian's home, Marlowe thinks the visitor is ___________.

2. What does Marlowe bathe his sore head with at the beginning of Chapter 13?

3. In Chapter 11, where does Marlowe find three mysterious Russian cigarettes?

4. Who carries a trust deed on Jessie Florian's home at 1644 West 54th Place?

5. At the end of Chapter 18, where do Marlowe and Mrs. Grayle agree to meet at ten o'clock that night?

Short Essay Questions

1. What indications are there of Mr. Grayle's wealth in Chapter 18?

2. Why does Marlowe agree to help with Lieutenant Nulty's investigation after initially hesitating to do so?

3. What evidence is there in Chapter 21 that Jules Amthor is a fraud?

4. Who murders Moose Malloy in Chapter 39, and what is the motivation for the killing?

5. Compare Jules Amthor's appearance with his wife's.

6. What reasons does Marlowe give Anne Riordan in Chapter 19 for why he can't solve the question of who stole Mrs. Grayle's jade necklace?

7. What information does Marlowe uncover about Velma in Chapter 5, and what indications are there that the information may not be entirely reliable?

8. What does Anne Riordan observe about Marlowe's office, and what does his office indicate about Marlowe?

9. How does Marlowe escape from his locked room in Chapter 26?

10. What do Marlowe and Anne Riordan find in Lindsay Marriott's pockets in Chapter 11, and what does Anne suspect about the items?

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