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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jessie Florian try to hide from Marlowe in Chapter 5 until Marlowe pulls it out of the trunk in her bedroom?
(a) A photo of a woman Marlowe believes is Velma Valento.
(b) A letter revealing who framed Malloy for the bank robbery.
(c) The gun Malloy used to shoot Mr. Montgomery.
(d) A letter with Velma's current address on it.

2. What does Lindsay Mariott tell Marlowe was stolen from a wealthy lady friend of his a few days ago?
(a) A diamond bracelet.
(b) A mink stole.
(c) A ruby pendant.
(d) A Fei Tsui jade necklace.

3. Who is the former owner of radio station KDFK in Beverly Hills?
(a) Laird Brunette.
(b) Lindsay Marriott.
(c) Mr. Grayle.
(d) Mrs. Grayle.

4. What is the one new piece of furniture in Jessie Florian's home?
(a) A dining room table.
(b) A bed.
(c) A green sofa.
(d) A large cabinet radio.

5. What voice does Marlowe hear at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) His own as he regains consciousness.
(b) Marriott's.
(c) Lieutenant Nulty's.
(d) Mrs. Grayle's.

6. What does Jessie Florian say has happened to Velma?
(a) She says Velma is in a mental institution.
(b) She says Velma's dead.
(c) She says Velma is in the hospital with tuberculosis.
(d) She says Velma's married.

7. By whom does Marlowe tell Jessie Florian he has been hired to find Little Velma?
(a) Moose Malloy.
(b) The police.
(c) Velma's family.
(d) Velma's attorney.

8. Why does Marlowe always leave the door of the little reception room leading into his office unlocked?
(a) In case he gets a client and the client wants to wait for him.
(b) The door's lock is broken, and he can't afford to get it fixed.
(c) He lets a homeless man sleep there.
(d) He forgets his key a lot, so he leaves the door unlocked.

9. Which of the following people does not meet Marlowe at the Grayle mansion in Chapter 18?
(a) Anne Riordan.
(b) Mr. Grayle.
(c) Mrs. Grayle.
(d) Lieutenant Randall.

10. Whom does Moose Malloy kill at Florian's?
(a) Mr. Montgomery, the night club's manager.
(b) A policeman.
(c) A man flirting with Little Velma.
(d) The night club's bouncer.

11. Who is Moose Malloy, the man Marlowe meets outside Florian's night club?
(a) A professional basketball player.
(b) A recently released convict.
(c) A police captain.
(d) A criminal defense attorney.

12. From what job has Anne Riordan's father been fired?
(a) Editor of The Chronicle.
(b) Butler at the Grayle mansion.
(c) Manager of the local bank.
(d) Chief of the Bay City police.

13. Why does Marlowe think Malloy will be easy for the police to find?
(a) He's injured and likely to black out.
(b) He's drunk and likely to pass out.
(c) He's very large and is wearing brightly colored clothes.
(d) He's not too bright.

14. Where does Lindsay Marriott hide when Marlowe drives him to meet the thieves?
(a) Behind some rose bushes outside the meeting place.
(b) In the back seat of the car.
(c) In a closet.
(d) In the trunk of the car.

15. What does Jessie Florian say her relationship is to Lindsay Marriott?
(a) She is his ex-wife.
(b) She is his girlfriend.
(c) She is his former employee and used to work for his family.
(d) She is his stepsister.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Marlowe at the beginning of Chapter 10?

2. How old is Anne Riordan?

3. To what place do Marlowe and Marriott go to meet the thieves in Chapter 9?

4. What does Marlowe prefer to do rather than go with Anne Riordan at the end of Chapter 11?

5. What does Mrs. Grayle tell Marlowe the robbers returned to her the night of her robbery?

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