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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5 through 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jessie Florian try to hide from Marlowe in Chapter 5 until Marlowe pulls it out of the trunk in her bedroom?
(a) A letter with Velma's current address on it.
(b) A photo of a woman Marlowe believes is Velma Valento.
(c) The gun Malloy used to shoot Mr. Montgomery.
(d) A letter revealing who framed Malloy for the bank robbery.

2. What does Jessie Florian say has happened to Velma?
(a) She says Velma is in the hospital with tuberculosis.
(b) She says Velma's married.
(c) She says Velma's dead.
(d) She says Velma is in a mental institution.

3. Who is Moose Malloy, the man Marlowe meets outside Florian's night club?
(a) A recently released convict.
(b) A criminal defense attorney.
(c) A police captain.
(d) A professional basketball player.

4. Why does Lindsay Marriott want to hire Philip Marlowe?
(a) To find out who is trying to kill him.
(b) To return the stolen jewels to the bank vault.
(c) To spy on his neighbors for him.
(d) To accompany him to the meeting with the jewel thieves.

5. Why is Lieutenant Nulty bitter?
(a) He can't get a pay raise.
(b) He can't get a promotion.
(c) His wife has just left him.
(d) The department only gives him low-priority cases to solve.

Short Answer Questions

1. By whom does Marlowe tell Jessie Florian he has been hired to find Little Velma?

2. What is in the envelope that Jessie Florian gives Marlowe in Chapter 5?

3. Who has taken over the ownership and patronage of Florian's since Malloy's last visit there?

4. Which of the following does not describe Moose Malloy?

5. According to Lieutenant Nulty in Chapter 7, who has been to visit Jessie Florian after Marlowe's visit to her?

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