Far From the Tree Short Essay - Answer Key

Robin Benway
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1. How does Grace spend homecoming night of her junior year, and how does the night differ from her previous expectations?

Grace has always figured that she will attend the homecoming dance and that "it'd be great" (3). Beyond that, she had not given the event much thought. The narrator adds, "Grace thought like that about everything in her life. Homecoming was something she knew she'd do. She didn't question it" (3). However, as is soon revealed, Grace actually spends the night of homecoming giving birth to her daughter Peach.

2. How does the father of Grace's daughter spend the night of the homecoming dance?

Grace's ex-boyfriend Max is not even present at Peach's birth to support Grace. Instead, he attends the homecoming dance with another girl and is crowned homecoming king. This series of events is intended to make a statement about misogyny in society.

3. What is the origin of Peach's nickname?

The origin of Peach's nickname is that when Grace first realizes that she is pregnant, she is "in the fifth day of her second trimester" (4) and when she looks up information about pregnancy, she finds out the baby inside her is "the size of a peach" (4). From then on, Grace refers to her baby daughter as Peach.

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