Objects & Places from Far From the Tree

Robin Benway
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Recording of a Baby's Cry

This object symbolizes the damaging nature of bullying. When Grace returns to school after having her baby, Adam confronts Grace with this object, causing her to punch him in the face, run to the bathroom, and ultimately decide not to return to school.


This object symbolizes shared family characteristics that are present even when family members do not know each other at first.The three siblings at the center of the story discover that they all have a preference for eating French fries with this object. Their love for this object represents their special bond, which existed even before they met. It distinguishes them from others and unites them as a family.

Alice in Wonderland

This object's premise symbolizes the discomfort and confusing feelings experienced by children who grow up in unconventional families. Maya and Grace relate to two experiences within this...

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