Daily Lessons for Teaching Far From the Tree

Robin Benway
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Lesson 1 (from Pages 3-72)


Students will analyze how an author brings together elements within the exposition stage of a plot arc to set up a complex world that will serve multiple functions as the novel progresses.

The exposition stage is an incredibly important and multifaceted element of Robin Benway's novel Far From the Tree since the novel primarily seeks to help the reader understand what it is like to grow up in various circumstances, such as living within a series of foster homes like Joaquin, spending one's whole childhood in a home with adoptive parents and a sister who all look like one another like Maya, deciding to give one's own child up for adoption like Grace, and ultimately finding one's biological siblings after a lifetime of knowing nothing about them. Without a clear understanding of all of these characters and their various backgrounds and connections to one another, the...

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