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This object, concealed in a box on the wagon in which Bathsheba rides, represents vanity in the novel. When Farmer Oak first sees Bathsheba, he watches as she takes this object out and looks at it.


This village is the setting where Bathsheba inherits her uncle's farm.

Valentine's Day Card

Bathsheba sends this object to Mr. Boldwood as a joke based on his reputation as a confirmed bachelor.

All Saints' Church

This is the setting where Sergeant Troy awaits Fanny to marry her. When she arrives an hour late, he calls off the wedding.

All Souls' Church

This is the setting that Fanny goes to by mistake for her wedding. Once she realizes her mistake, she is late arriving at the correct establishment.


After Bathsheba has fired Gabriel, the sheep on her farm become ill after eating this substance.


This is the setting where...

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