Fantastic Mr. Fox Fun Activities

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Create a Three Dimensional Model

Create a 3-D model of Mr. Fox's hole. Pay close attention to the text's descriptions and illustrations as you construct your model.

Choose A Song

Integrity is a theme frequently featured within Roald Dahl's novel Fantastic Mr. Fox. Choose a song with the theme of integrity and play it for the class.

Create a Timeline

Create a large timeline of the events covered within the pages of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Include visual images that correspond to different events within the timeline.

Write a Poem

Write a poem about one of the minor characters in the novel, such as Mr. Badger or Mr. Rat, attempting to get across the essence of your chosen character’s personality.

Watch the Film

Watch Wes Anderson's stop motion film version of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Write a review of the film.

Create a 3D Model

Create a 3-D model...

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